Drop… Dead… GORGEOUS!!

Looking back, I think there were two “landmark” moments on this blog. Points which really made me think how much I enjoy painting garage kits and also give a a proper sense of achievement and feeling that “this is my skill level at this point!”

The first was when I completed my Bunny Haruhi by Bubba (incidentally, that was also the very first kit to feature on this blog 4 years ago and was one of the main reasons why I was persuaded to start writing in the first place). The second was probably when I posted my Knight of Gold from the Five Star Stories. That one was special because I didn’t think I would actually finish it! Both were special in their own way and still rank as 2 of my favourite kits in my collection. Now, there is a third. Say hello to KOS-MOS Ver 4 by Volks!

(And kudos to anyone who recognised the song by 90s band Republica as the inspiration to the title of this post. Also, you are officially OLD!)

I have to admit that this post is a little bittersweet because I had so much fun while working on KOS-MOS that I actually didn’t want it to end! As expected from a major company like Volks, the parts fit was perfect, the resin was easy to work with and the kit looked beautiful even without paint! I don’t think I could have asked for a better kit to work on for my first 1/4 scale!

The project didn’t go completely smoothly though. Parts decided to take a walk during the build process, although they always turned up in the end. And there was the matter of missing parts when I first got the kit (which, ultimately did nothing) but thanks to the helpfulness of Volks customer service and Tokyo Hunter, who helped me purchase the kit originally, I was able to get replacement parts.

Aside from the disappearing/reappearing parts, I can’t think of anything bad to say about the build process! In fact, taking the photos proved to be more troublesome due to her sheer size!! Remember, She’s too tall to fit into an ikea detolf shelf!

The hair was something which I wish I could have done better. It looks fine as it is, but I was unable to achieve a completely translucent effect on it and, even now, I’m not sure how to achieve it! If I could figure out a way to keep the light blue colour and the transparency of the clear parts, I’d probably repaint the hair!

A closeup of the G-SHOT, which was the first part of the kit which I completed. I have to admit, when I did complete the G-SHOT, I was really apprehensive about the weight distribution for the kit. This thing is HEAVY! Those metal rods aren’t just for show! I was initially just concerned about the wrist as I really didn’t know if it was able to support the gun but I was also worried that the whole thing would make it easy for the kit to fall to the side.

Luckily, my fears proved to be (mostly) unfounded as the hook at the base of the support took more of the strain than I thought and, although when you lift the kit, you can feel an imbalance, the kit holds up very well when placed on a level surface. It’ll take more than a little bump to knock this kit down!

Shot of the back of the legs. I decided to paint the laces crossing over some skin as opposed to the block black you normally see on this kit and it shows off the shimmering blue effect I used pretty well as well. It was the same technique I used on Asagi but I had worked out the kinks! Bit of kneepit shot as well if you’re into that kind of thing. Now who was it who was into that fetish?

Front shot. And even now, I wonder how KOS-MOS would protect her modesty with a skirt like that! And before anyone thinks anything else, take it from the painter, she does NOT go commando!

Not to be outdone by the recent figma release, even this Volks gk has an excellent ass!

A closeup of the back of the hair. In the end, I painted one side to get the effect you see above. Not bad, but the downside is that the opposite side is pretty much opaque. It allows enough light through to give the hair a cloudy blue colour but it’s not quite what I wanted. The chain was a royal pain to put in though. It didn’t feed through the hair ornament very well and I was constantly in fear of breaking the hole.

A shot of her back. A rarity since it’s usually covered over by the hair!

A shot looking down on her buxom. I was undecided on the colour of the gem and I might still change it but for now, I left it as a shimmering blue. The gold parts gave me a scare when one of them disappeared for a few days before I found it again.

The headpiece is one part which I have to admit that I am rather proud of. Some luck may have been involved but I think I managed to nail the shimmering blue effect perfectly here! I cheated with the arm parts as I used clear blue for an added glossy effect.

One thing I’m not so keen on, however, are the eyes. No surprises there… One of the pitfalls about painting 1/4 scale kits is that since everything is bigger, the mistakes are also bigger and much easier to see. Yet, with the eyes, there’s a little bit of an enigma about them. Sometimes, when I look at them, they look fine but at other times, I think they look way off! They don’t look very hot when up close either, at least that’s how I feel.

But we’re not done yet!! Afterall, one of the little extras we have with this kit is the ability to change the front headpiece!

You know, I’m not sure if this was a feature which was omitted from the art display prepainted statue… And I kinda prefer this look!

A closeup of the face with the new headpiece. Strange how the eyes don’t look so rough when you only see one of them isn’t it?

Side shots…

And to finish off, I paired up a couple of similar shots to compare the look with and without the eye cover

The parts are still interchangeable but which one do you guys prefer?

And that’s the end of this post. Pretty long one this time around but I think KOS-MOS is worth it! She’s my second most expensive kit in my collection and I’d say she’s also my second favourite as well! I’m still a little sad to see this project end, even though it took me 18 months to complete, but I have plenty of other kits to get on with and they won’t build themselves! But that doesn’t take away the fact that KOS-MOS really is something special!

On another note, Readers may notice that I put a facebook like box on the page. I’m pretty apathetic towards facebook and hardly use it but I thought I’d just do a quick facebook page and link it to this blog to share my completed works with more people. Feel free to like and share with others, or not. I’m not really expecting much from it since I don’t think I’m at a level where my kits will turn heads but we all have to start somewhere, right?


15 comments to Drop… Dead… GORGEOUS!!

  • Wow! Congratulations on finishing her!

    KOS-MOS looks great!

  • lee

    FINALLY!!! and for all the years it took, both the kit and the paint job you’ve done on it simply looks gorgeous!! I gotta say though, even though I like that blade version a lot the original Gatling gun just fits the sculpt much better, the sword was kinda pushing it in the first place…anyways, big congrats and I’ll be the first to “like” your post on facebook!!

  • Thanks, glad you like her! At this stage I think I can say that KOS-MOS is pretty much the limit of my current level of painting. I still need to improve to match the pros though. Good thing I don’t plan on retiring my airbrush anytime soon!

  • Oh come on! It was only 18 months or so, wasn’t it? And she held onto her spot in my queue rather solidly as well. I just had other kits to do first!
    I’d still like to have both sword and gun posed together if given the chance though!

    And yay for a facebook like! Don’t really get social networks and all that but then I don’t really expect this page to go anywhere. But the next thing you know, I’ll have a twitter account! *shudders*

  • lee

    what kinda only is that? that’s a looooooong time!! I was barely 20 then and almost 22 goes by fast doesn’t it XD

    still its really nice to even have an original copy of this kit, its really hard to find one nowadays even on YJA and has been for a long time. every now and then one pops up and its easily 80000-100000yen, its out of print ultra rare masterpiece 😀

    any prediction when there’ll be another of volks 1/4 out and the character?

  • Oh hush!! She’s done now, isn’t she? :mrgreen: And yeah, life does go by fast now…

    I haven’t actually been keeping up with KOS-MOS on the second hand markets. But when I left it, I saw that she was commanding ridiculous prices already. But she really is amazing. I think she’s also the most popular of the recent 1/4 kits.
    And I have no doubt that Volks will continue with the scale, which character though, is another question. There’s nothing that links them all together afterall, except that they have all been video game characters. First KOS-MOS (Xenosaga epIII), then Ayane (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2), then Bayonetta (duh) and then Saber Lily (Fate/Unlimited Codes).

  • ragna

    Great work! I love KOS-MOS, Xenosaga and JRPGs in general. I’ve lurking here for a while, you have a nice blog.

  • ragna

    *been lurking xD

  • Welcome to the blog. Always good to see another commenter. And I’m glad you like her. Hope you stick around!

  • lee

    ah yeah, kos-mos is prably the most demanding 1/4 out there I think, reason being obvious that shes hands down the best piece done by volks. and bets at 1/4 scale volks pretty much means best 1/4 hands down 😀 then again, its kos-mos…I mean, look at the ridiculous BOME 1/3 one’s price, so insanely high its good for a laugh. and its not even close to as nice looking and epic as volks.

    I think a good educational guess for the next in line would be the sliver hair twin melon-bread witch from original VC 😆

  • Well, I think Saber Lily may match her in terms of details and sculpt but Lily is less popular because there are already figures of her out there. KOS-MOS was a rarity and even now, she has pretty much 1 figure which is out of print, a figma and an upcoming alter poseable figure. That’s it! But yeah, Volks do good works which is why I’m happy to splash out for one.

    And Selvaria will be spoken about with respect! But I think it would be a little odd to find her as a 1/4. Afterall, Volks have the license for VC3, not 1… Besides, I think I would prefer an Alicia. We already have a few Selvarias!

  • lee

    ah but saber didn’t have that epic gatling or the cool flooding hair. and saber lily didn’t have all that many figures yet. and there are also quite a few version 1 kos-mos figures out there.

    but yes, selvaria deserves respect. I think though if they made alicia it wouldn’t be as epic cuz her weak structure 😀

  • Well, she does have cool flowing hair, but it’s just not as long! As for figures, I count at least 3 PVCs (4 if you include variants) and lots more GK compared to 1 of each for KOS-MOS, and I only remember 2 ver 1 figures, the Bome and Alter ones, both of which I own.
    KOS-MOS deserves more love!!! Except ver 2. That can fall into a ditch and die!

    And I still think Alicia would make a good figure, just cos there aren’t many of her! Maybe 1?

  • Dude, VERY nicely done! I would not have the same level of patience and skill to do this! Hey, isn’t e2046 having a GK contest?

  • You know, that’s quite funny hearing that from a guy who draws some pretty damn good illustrations and art! And yes, E2046 just finished their summer GK contest but I didn’t finish KOS-MOS in time to make the entry. Also, I have a few issues with the E2046 contest so I don’t really try to enter. I think I’ve done so twice in the past? I can’t remember but when I read some of the rules in more detail, I started to have second thoughts about things, like the rule saying that any pictures you take become their property, hence you should not watermark them or do anything to the pics. More than a little eyebrow raising!

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