Project: Rozen (Part 1)

After the euphoria of completing KOS-MOS, I was left with a rather difficult question which needed an answer: What the heck do I do next? Stopping GK making was never in the frame but following up on something like KOS-MOS is never going to be an easy thing. It’s like being an aftershow band playing […]

Drop… Dead… GORGEOUS!!

Looking back, I think there were two “landmark” moments on this blog. Points which really made me think how much I enjoy painting garage kits and also give a a proper sense of achievement and feeling that “this is my skill level at this point!”

The first was when I completed my Bunny Haruhi by […]

E3 2011: Keynote Speech Battle!

E3 really sneaked up on me this year. If it wasn’t for all the buzz just before the first keynote speech, I probably would have missed it all! Which is a little surprising seeing as we had 2 new pieces of hardware to look forward to. Sony was ready to give more concrete details of […]

Mini Review: Dead or Alive Dimensions

Well, you can’t say that the launch of the Nintendo 3DS went without a hitch and it looks like it’s already struggling to meet sales forecasts. Then again, comparing it to the best selling handheld console ever made probably isn’t too great an idea! Part of the issue is undoubtedly the high price tag but […]