Seriously, I can’t think of a good title for this thing! It’s such a ridiculously poor taste in design!! I mean, C’MON!! Gold Joints??

*ahem* I mean to say that since I left the comforts of my regular abode for the extra long weekend (Britain got an extra day off due to some guy getting married to some girl he met at university somewhere up north) and went back to see the folks, I also found some time to build a kit which has been sitting patiently until I actually had enough spare time to build it. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it was the perfect grade Strike Freedom!

Again, due to my lack of access to my usual kit, the photos aren’t quite up to par with what I usually do but please bare with it. I’ll just post a few pics this time around and note a few things but I won’t get into too much detail.

I have to admit that I was somewhat torn when they announced strike freedom as the latest addition to the PG line. I was never a big fan of the design, mostly due to those idiotic gold joints! The price tag was also a bit of a sticking point (SF is the most expensive kit in the line, even beating the previous kit) and the PG 00 Raiser gundam left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I really disliked that kit and I still think it’s one of the worst PG kits, even when compared to the ancient PG kits like the MkII and original Gundam. But in the end, my love of the PG line won out and I bought one!

In terms of design, Bandai went back to the more old fashioned tech and abandoned the ideas seen in the PG 00 Gundam and I was very glad they did! For the frame, they did the same thing as when they released the Master Grade Strike Freedom full burst kit and gave the sections which are visible a better shiny gold look while the hidden inner parts got the puke gold colour.

Obligatory back shot. For the main body, reverting back to old tech means that the body is rather similar to the master grade in terms of how things fit. Of course, the PG has much greater inner detail and the parts generally work better but it doesn’t stand out much against its smaller (and cheaper) little brother.

Most of the pics were done with SF on its base and the reason for that is simple; as expected, the weight distribution for the kit isn’t great. It’s not as bad as the 00 Gundam which, with the raiser unit as physically incapable of standing on its own 2 feet and even arcs back when on the stand, but it’s exceptionally difficult to get the kit to stand on it’s own without it looking awkward unless you make the wings flat to bring the center of gravity forward.

The wings, of course, are where most of the design ideas for this PG went to. A new mechanism was put into the wings which allowed the parts to spread out more when the mounts were pulled away. The idea was put into the the MG as well, but that was just a way to expose the gold parts a little better for dramatic effect. The PG mechanism allows for all the parts to expand. You can see the expanded look in the above 2 pics.

However, one thing which the PG kit sorely lacks are stands for the dragoons for proper action shots.

A back shot with the Dragoons detached. You can see bits of the mechanism and the “skeleton” which hold the dragoons in place.

A closeup of the wing. The hook like section holds the back of the Dragoons in place when they are at rest, along with the peg further down on the wing.

And here it is with the dragoon in place. With the wing pushed inwards, the Dragoon will end up resting on the wing and there will be no gap between the 2. There are also springs in the dragoons to help with the removal of the dragoon. Of course, this is dependent on how well the parts are constructed. I have to admit that a couple of the Dragoons in my build are very “stubborn” and can be a pain to remove from the main frame.

Obligatory pose. One thing which is definitely worth mentioning is the size of the thing. The body itself isn’t all that impressive but thanks to the wingspan, the PG strike freedom takes one HELL of a lot of space. So much so, in fact, I can’t fit it along with the rest of my gunpla! So unless you don’t mind posing the kit with the wings held down, I hope you have plenty of space to display it!

In all, it’s hard to fault the PG strike freedom (though the pricetag could use some tweaking) yet, at the same time, there’s not much which one can really recommend it either. It lacks the aesthetic beauty of the Strike gundam and red frame and it loses out to the GP01 for gimmicks and overall grandeur. It’s still miles better than the accursed PG 00 Gundam IMO. It’s a middling kit. One for fans of either the gundam or the show from which it comes from (surely, there can’t be many actual fans of Seed Destiny, right??). Those who just want a cool PG or are starting out are better served with other kits. Strike Freedom isn’t bad. In fact it’s pretty good and would look good in any gunpla collection, but it just doesn’t stand out.

Still, I’d rather have an endless supply of these over a single 00 Raiser kit anyday! But for now, I’ll just settle for another PG kit. Heck, I would have preferred a Freedom Gundam!


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  • For a moment there I though they were remaking a james bond movie *cough cough*

    I for one, hate that busy looking wing of its.

  • I swear, if MGM even hint at remaking Goldfinger, You only live twice or Goldeneye, I will never watch another bond movie again!! They’ve already done it once with On her majesty’s secret service and people loved it! What a difference 20+ years makes!!

    Can’t say I’m a big fan of the strike freedom design in general. My main reason for getting it was simply because “it’s a perfect grade!”

  • Subaruhess

    ‘surely, there can’t be many actual fans of Seed Destiny, right??’ Heh there’s one right here! And before you start I only liked it for the MS designs (Infinite justice, destiny) I couldn’t care less about the story and the fan bias. I also just recently finished building mine, and what annoys me the most about it and I’m surprised you didn’t mention it in your review is the lack of pivoting shoulder joints. That was one of the most useful gimmicks the MG had which made it possible to do the HiMat pose with both rifles combined, I dont know how bandai managed to get it to pose like that in the boxart. Anyway am I right in thinking that the picture of destiny in the booklet is hint that a PG destiny is on the way? Because that would be a dream come true for me.

  • I didn’t have too much of a problem with doing the pose you mentioned. Although it was HIGHLY unstable when I finished it so I didn’t take a photo cos it looked like it would collapse at the slightest breeze. The shoulder joints on the MG were useful for those poses but I always tried to keep the shoulders as far back as I possibly could because I didn;t like it when the shoulders were too far forward.

    And I liked nothing about GSD. Well, OK. Infinite justice was better than the original but I would have much preferred a PG freedom over strike F and a PG destiny would do nothing for me (even though I’d probably get it anyway because it’s a PG). I might be a little more interested if they fixed that issue with the anti ship cannon so it looked like it could actually be used instead of just dangling there when you pivot it out.

  • Q

    Haha you did get Strike Freedom only because it’s a PG ^^;

    I too would prefer the original Freedom over this “Super Freedom” (as it was supposedly called before the name change) as it’s not as flamboyant and overarmed… Ish. Speaking of this PG, I hear quite a lot of complaints on how the wing parts are quite fragile and that a fair number of people have broken parts of them.

    Speaking of weight distribution problem, are earlier PGs tend to be more stable as their features are not as huge? At least this is what seems to be the case here with 00 Raiser and Strike Freedom with their big binders and wings.

  • Pretty much. And even then it was pretty close. The 00 Raiser left a really bad aftertaste and I was almost ready to swear off gunpla!!

    The wings on SF aren’t too bad, although I can easily see where the complaints come from. How well you build the Dragoons plays a huge part to how well everything fits. None of my parts have broken yet though!

    And I wouldn’t say that the older kits are more stable due to smaller features. The Zeta is fairly heavy, but the center of gravity is more forward so it can at least stand on its own. The GP01 also has a very busy back when in fb mode, but it stands up fine. I just think whoever designed the 00 Raiser was an idiot who thought that people would only pose it on the stand and even then, the weight causes the kit to arc backwards awkwardly! And with strike freedom, I think the problem is also due to the wingspan. The binders and wings aren’t that heavy but when you angle the wings back, the wingspan causes the center of gravity to go way back as well. But it’s still not as bad as the 00 raiser and you can kinda beat it by keeping the wings flat against the back. Looks a little silly though.

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