4 more years…

Whenever this time of year comes up, I always have to sit down and let it sink in… Afterall, running and updating a blog for four years isn’t something I thought I’d be doing when I started this humble blog up back then. But here we are again. Another year, another load of purchases and […]

Project: 4 (Part 5)

Well, F*CK!!! That pretty much sums up my mood right now. After finally reaching the cusp of completing KOS-MOS, things went to pot pretty quickly and a part decided to go walkies. F*CK!!!

It’s not an essential part, as KOS-MOS can be finished without it, it’s just really kinda obvious!! Can you see it? […]

Mini Review: The 3rd Birthday

It has been said that many older games look at retro games with a pair of incredibly powerful rose tinted glasses. As we play though recent releases, some of us often think back to earlier days with great fondness and bemoan the lack of certain elements which have been weaned out of our more […]


Seriously, I can’t think of a good title for this thing! It’s such a ridiculously poor taste in design!! I mean, C’MON!! Gold Joints??

*ahem* I mean to say that since I left the comforts of my regular abode for the extra long weekend (Britain got an extra day off due to some guy getting […]