Mini Review: Portal 2

Sometimes, the posts choose themselves, like when pretty much the only thing you’ve done for the past week is that one certain thing. So that’s pretty much what happened since Thursday when I returned home for the long Easter weekend with my copy of Portal 2 in hand. Sure, I did other stuff like […]

Project: 4 (Part 4)

A really lazy post this week as I was kinda distracted by a bunch of things over the weekend so I didn’t have a chance to do as much as I would like with regards to KOS-MOS. Incidentally, I technically have 3 kits on the go currently!! Something has to give!! Even my self proposed […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 2011

The new season started a little later than usual due to events in the past month but it’s just getting into the swing of things now so it’s about time to look back on the shows of last season while seeing what we have to look forward to, as per usual.

Best show: Gosick


Project: 4 (part 3)

Well then, after the nonsense that was the last post, which was a nice and simple April fools joke, we can get back to the good stuff. Well done to those who saw through the joke post and thanks to my regular readers who played along with it. You guys were playing along, right?

At […]

Change we can believe in! Dolls, BANZAI!!!

OK, I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and I have no idea how I got the notion that BJD are creepy with their stares which seem to look through you and their “real” hair (I swear, those things grow! Just like in those ghost stories!!) but I hearby renounce my ways and state […]