Mini Review: Nintendo 3DS

New Hardware GET!!!

I feel like a bit of a sellout after this because, truth be told, I didn’t really care much about the 3DS and I still don’t really! However, my brother was able to acquire some wristbands to allow us to get in on the UK midnight release of the console last […]

Mini Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia

I’m sure every videogamer has come across one. A game which is an enigma. Something which you find almost impossible to put into words if asked to describe what you thought about it. A game which you keep returning to even when you know that your time would be better spent doing something else. […]


I guess I should start with the most obvious. By now, everyone would have heard of the events which occurred over the weekend and I can only hope that readers who have friends and family in Japan have found them to be safe and sound. I also have some friends in Japan and luckily, they […]

Arc System Clash @ Gamerbase Trocadero

On Saturday, I attended a small Q&A event in central London with guests Ishiwatari Daisuke and Mori Toshimichi. For those who don’t know, Ishiwatari was responsible for the Guilty Gear games and Mori is the producer of the Blazblue games. The event was intended to allow a number of guests to ask the 2 some […]

Project: 4 (Part 2)

It’s well and truly started now! The parts have been sanded, the paints have been prepped and some parts have been primed so KOS-MOS is on her way to completion.

A bit of a short post again this week as I’ve been working almost exclusively on her for the past week. I decided to tackle […]