Mini Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3

Oh boy, this one is going to be fun…

I don’t think this game needs any introductions. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is the latest release in the “vs” series of fighting games from capcom which pits capcom characters against characters from other companies. It started in the mid 90’s with X-Men vs Streetfighter which pit characters from X-men Children of the atom against Main Streetfighter stalwarts. The game was the first to introduce the tag feature which has been aped by god knows how many fighting games now! Then we got marvel Superheroes vs Streetfighter and then Marvel vs Capcom in 98. Marvel vs Capcom was notable for introducing the Crossover duo-team attack which allowed players to introduce both team members to fight on the screen for a period of time, meaning you could have some 4 player madness on the screen!
That got a direct sequel in form of Marvel vs Capcom 2 in 2000. MvC2 expanded the roster massively and gave us the 3 vs 3 format. Then, for ages, nothing happened until we got Tatsunoko vs Capcom in 2008.

There were also the SNK vs Capcom series of games, but I’ll skip over those as those were a completely different style of fighters, made with a more traditional mindset.

And now, in 2011, we get Marvel vs Capcom 3. But despite the name, the game is more of a sequel to Tatsunoko vs Capcom than MvC2. The game features a 3 vs 3 team battle system with a somewhat reduced roster compared to MvC2 but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The character list on both sides have been revamped to take advantage of more recent characters so we get the likes of X-23 and Deadpool on the Marvel side and Dante from devil may cry and Amaterasu from Ookami on the Capcom side. Controls have been simplified to a 3 button system for weak, medium and heavy attacks with a 4th button specifically to assist in launching the opponent into the air for aerial combos.

Fans have been waiting for a sequel to MvC2 for years and I actually caught wind of it at random before it was even announced as my brother went to the Capcom UK christmas party a few years back and heard from one of the reps that they were in the planning stages for MvC3. Neither of us thought much about it but when it was announced, it turned out that he was right on the money!
The question is, was it worth the wait?


  • Very easy to pick up and play: Unlike other fighting games, the mechanics of the game have been simplified so it’s easy to do some really cool and flashy stuff straight off the bat!
  • Ridiculously OTT: Much like the previous games in the vs series, the attacks in MvC3 are overpowered and often cover most, if not the entire screen! Some fun is to be had as well, with Deadpool and his lv 3 super move which sees him using the super bar as a weapon to attack his opponents with! speaking of which…
  • Deadpool: as a character, I don’t think he’s too great but as he’s just incredibly funny and breaks the 4th wall often! One can’t help but break a smile when he does an uppercut and shouts “Shoryuken” like in that infamous 1 page from his comic or when he shouts “you pressed the wrong button” when he’s knocked out!


  • TOO damn easy!: Sadly the game has been simplified to such an extent that, while it’s easy to do some really cool and flashy stuff, you don’t get that sense of satisfaction when you do them! I pulled off a 45 hit aerieal rave combo in my second fight!
  • Horribly unbalanced: The strange thing about MvC2 was that the characters were so unbalanced, the game became fair due to its massive roster. Everyone had a weakness against someone else! You don’t get that with the limited roster in MvC3 and it’s REALLY obvious which characters are the dangerous ones! I knew Phoenix was going to be a problem when she was first announced but I never expected her to be as crazy as she is. She may have next to no defence but as dark Phoenix with the new X factor ability at level 3, Defence is the furthest thing from your mind! I’ve also heard that Sentinel is stupidly strong and there’s this combo video for Chun-li!
  • Galactus: My god he’s Cheap!!! He may not be as bad as Onslaught from Marvel vs Capcom, but nobody can be as bad as onslaught. Well, except for SNK bosses.
  • Lack of depth in the fighting system.
  • The online lobby: You can’t watch matches which are going on when you’re sharing a lobby? WTF???

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a game which fans have been waiting almost a decade for and in some ways, it lives up to the requirements from the fanbase. The moves are flashy and OTT, the characters are memorable and above all, the game is a lot of fun! …but only if you go so far. Playing with friends is a blast, but playing randoms online can be a frustrating experience. People have yet to develop effective countermeasures to some of the cheaper tactics and there are quite a lot of them in this game. And when you’re playing randoms, you can bet that they will be spamming such tactics within an inch of their lives! It also remains to be seen if MvC3 will be a regular on the tourney side of things but I doubt it. I’ll still be playing it a lot but I think after a while, I’ll go back to a more satisfying fighting game with more depth in the gameplay!

For me, Blazblue is still the one to beat for fighting games!

Oh, and it’s MAHVEL BAYBEE!!

Had to be done!!

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