Project: 4 (Part 1)

Well, I said that I would and I have kept to my word. My current project (in fact, the one I’ve been working on for the past couple of months) is my Volks 1/4 scale KOS-MOS! Only a year later!! So far, I’ve been spending a lot of time simply sanding the parts down to prepare for the painting stage, although I did take a little timeout to put together 2 other items. 1 will show up briefly later on and the other was this…

Himeji Shoukanjuu from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu!!

Anyway, on with KOS-MOS. I have to admit that she’s taking a long time to come together and the cleanup has been a bit of a pain. The size increase came with a fair few benefits but also some unforeseen (but not particularly surprising) problems as well. At the top of the list is the problem that all the seam lines are much MUCH more evident on the large parts and take longer to remove.

The extra details like the extra folds in the clothing also serve to make the process even harder as it makes it harder to reach certain areas and you have to be careful not to accidentally remove the details or make the surfaces too uneven! The body parts are all pretty much done, although I think I’ll do a second round of sanding before I start the painting process for it. But firstly, I decided to do the G-Shot before moving on with the main body (and I haven’t touched the headpieces yet!). The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, the G-Shot is boring and I would rather do the boring parts first so I can have some fun with the later pieces. Secondly, the thing is pretty damn big!

Look at it! Granted, it’s not as as big as the sword seen on the statue but it’s still really beefy and will probably take a fair bit of time to work on separately. The metal rods are also a real pain in the arse to fit properly! It’s almost like an additional project! And if you’re curious about the scale…

Here’s figma Nanoha and HoiHoi-san providing a handy size comparison while they fight for the right to wield the behemoth of a cannon (only my Knight of Gold buster cannon beats it in size). HoiHoi-san is the heavyarms version and the second completed kit I mentioned at the top of the post. I had bought it a while back but only got around to getting it done recently. Combat-San is also awaiting construction and I have Pest-X san and the Oboro on their way as well to complete the set. In short, Work on KOS-MOS has started and she’s slowly progressing. Himeji is actually a very small kit so I might do her up on the side to break up the monotony a little. Aterall, KOS-MOS is going to take a long time to complete…

Himeji looked like she would be able to fill the part of a side project rather nicely as she’s not very complicated and rather small. Here’s a shot of the parts still on the sprue. Yes, she’s a resin kit although the material feels very soft compared to my other kits and the sprue was rather… odd.

The kit comes with a swappable head with one “happy” and one “serious” face but otherwise, no other accessories.

And one last size comparison to finish. See? I told you Himeji was small. She’s only a little taller than my nendo petit Noel.  Anyway, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of her for a while as the focus is pretty much exclusively on KOS-MOS for now. I hope to start painting the G-Shot soon so we’ll see how that turns out. But I do want to finish both Himeji and KOS-MOS before the summer!

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  • Ken

    I am soo jealous of ur KOS-MOS kit here, such a beautiful kit…!

  • No love for Himeji? But then again, KOS-MOS is one of my favourite kits in my collection, even while unpainted and she’s also the second most expensive purchase, seeing as I went for a Volks original instead of a cheap recast.

    I just hope that I can do her justice.

  • Q

    Whoa, it’s been a year already since you started on KOS-MOS? Time sure flies, and it only felt like a few months ago or so!

    The G-Shot does look pretty big. With the metal rods as the barrels of the gattling gun would the whole thing be quite heavy?

    Is that a nendoroid Noel standing next to Himeji? Quite a small resin kit, and it’s been a while since I’ve last seen small resin figures (smallest I’ve seen are actually of 1/144 military models). Hope you’ll get to do a good job on both of them eventually!

  • lee

    kos-mos love~ I still wanna say that I really like the unpainted face, a lot! gives off that mysterious, cold but beautiful feeling, I’m looking forward seeing how shes going to turn out for ya, prably not in a while tho 😀

    its funny how its been a year but it felt much, much longer to me. so many changes had taken place in my life this past year, most which I hate with passion-_- unforeseen events happened and I can no longer spend any money on loot…but check out the most likely to be final loot of my collection: do you know the char 🙂

  • Nah, it’s been over a year since I bought her but I’ve only been working on the kit for the past few months. The gun is rather heavy when put together and the metal rods do play a major part in why but it’s still no match for the main body, and the gun is held to the body in 2 places so the weight isn’t concentrated to just the arm.

    And yep, that’s a nendo puchi Noel which I got when i bought my copy of Blazblue Continuum shift. I just loved the himeji cos she was small, simple and something you could actually carry around quite easily! but you don’t need to fiddle with bits like with nendos or figmas. But at present, I’ll be happy to just finish the 2. I’ll worry about how good or bad a job I did when the finishline is in sight! :mrgreen:

  • Sounds rough man. But then I did start wondering where you had disappeared off to. Hope everything works out but then again, you always were one to go for the rather OTT stuff! Your expenditure for items would make Regular Dollfie buyers raise eyebrows!
    But I’m sure you’ll be back once the dust settles! And I do know of the character. Shiori from Tokimeki Memorial, right? I’m not too familiar with the game but she;s a pretty famous character and.. 1/1??? Bet you could use the bust to scare little kids!

  • lee

    haha, thanks man 🙂 if I had a hundred thousand dollars right now then things might not be as bad-_-” so well, hopefully I’ll somehow be able to make it in the next few years lol but yeah, if things ever get settled I’ll for sure go back to my collector’s life.

    and yeah man that is indeed the famous tokimemo’s shiori, although I don’t think the younger generation of collectors would be aware of her, that must also say something about us 😀
    if I’m dissatisfied with this piece I’ll dig it hollow and ware it on halloween XD

  • $100k? OK, that means either house buying or higher education!
    And we never really escape the collectors life, not unless we have a significant other who disapproves and looks over your shoulder. I’d rather not have one of those around.

    And please don’t say it. I know what you mean when we’re talking about Shiori but don’t say it! In fact, Tokimeki Memorial is quite a ways before my time but the title is so famous that the major characters tend to be recognisable. Tho I can’t tell you anything about the other girls!

  • lee

    …or surgery in my case lol medical bill is insane in US if you don’t have the proper insurance, like me-_-

    well I hope you’re not right regarding the collectors life, and I’m afraid you might be…but there is at least one exception to it: if you don’t have money!! basic requirement to start a collection 😀

    just admit it!! that we are mid-age collectors lol but then again that might be a good thing, you know most noob collectors wish they had your collection and financial resources 🙂

  • 100K Surgery? OUCH!! Must have been serious for a pricetag like that! Well, at least is sounds like it turned out OK. That’s definitely one to use on my UK based friends who complain too much about our NHS system!

    And yeah, money is a basic requirement for any hobby. If you don’t spend a lot on it, it’s not really a hobby! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t come back to it or whatever!

    And I’m not quite a mid-aged collector. Not yet as I still have some years left before I hit middle age! But I will admit to being more seasoned than most. And most noob collectors these days seem to have vast funds courtesy of their parents! I don’t think my resources are that much more than others, but I only purchase irregularly. You see some ppl (esp from who seem to get stuff every damn month!

  • lee

    well, I’m examining the cost and surgery itself is only half of it..the other half’ll be the money I need to take care of other stuff when its done. at the rate I’m saving money though, it’d take a few years before I can do the surgery lol but I’m gonna do everything possible to make it happen, or else I’ll use shiori bust as my gravestone XD

    I meant mid-age collector as we are in our mid collecting career, with about the same amount years left from when we first started till now to collect…cuz I sure wouldn’t think I’ll still be collecting anime during mid forties(possibly a slight chance of anime cel).

    nah man…noob collectors still can’t compare with most of us if we were to put everything on the line for something. they don’t have direct control to vest funds and their parents are gonna say no versus us can just decide with the snap of finger, after five minutes of meditation and checking around bank accounts 😀

  • well, I might still be collecting but seeing as I paint them, I guess the painting of the figure would take higher priority over the source material and whatnot!

    Hope everything turns out OK with your surgery. Still, a Shiori bust tombstone… the mind boggles.

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