Volks tease us with a small image of their 1/4 Saber Lily

Remember my post in November about Volks new 1/4 scale GK being Saber Lily? Well, they decided to be nice this time round and give us a decent (if small) teaser image which shows the whole kit instead of just tiny bits like they did with Bayonetta!

Not sure what to make of it right now. This kit is definitely one which requires some colour before we can pass judgement, tho I have to say that a lack of clear parts is a bit surprising. They even squeezed some clear parts into bayonetta afterall!

The facial expression also looks a little too harsh for my liking but that might just be the image. Still, there’s only 3 weeks to go before she goes on sale at the Winter Wonder Festival! Here’s hoping that Volks give us some colour images before then but they may very well not!

[via Volks]

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  • I’m sure that she will look fantastic, but I kinda wish they went with a different pose; it feels like we’ve seen a billion figures of Saber with this sort of pose before. Okay, maybe it’s just the two Gift figures, including the one that just went up for preorder, but the image of her pointing her sword into the ground like a shovel is so overdone that there’s even a parody picture of it.

    Even so, I’d probably buy it if it were PVC or if Volks did a completed version of it, just on the basis of their past work. Well, maybe not if it were PVC since Volks’s PVC figures aren’t too great but their completed non-X-brand stuff is definitely fantastic. I’m still kinda hoping they’ll do a completed version of their 1/4 scale Mai Shiranui one of these days.

  • True, but it is a standard saber pose. Having said that, most figure makers seemed to have focused on more dynamic poses for saber lily with gift being the only one to make a saber lily with such a pose (but I dislike all those sabers sculpted by the principal of kagutsushino except for their new saber extra).

    And it’s difficult to guess what Volks will do next for their prepainted statue line (or if they will even continue it) after KOS-MOS, but they may do something slightly different with it to separate the 2, just like they did with KOS-MOS. Man, I wish I got the blade one too…

  • lee

    yeah…they should’ve made chest plate clear 😀 or the lower part of her dress at least…or even the robin. I like this sculpt a lot and her serious expression gives out that respectably lovely but also feared impression. the only problem I seen is that saber’s got a small figure and that makes the sculpt less epic. are you getting this 😀

  • Undecided at the moment. I think I’ll wait for Colour pics to hit the net first. Bayonetta was the same. The only kit which was a must get straight from the prototype stage was KOS-MOS.

    There’s no rush anyway. Volks are sure to make her available at another event and there’s still time to see what other GK makers will be taking to WF.

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