Still Keeping it Real (Grade)

Once more, with FEELING!!!

Last weeks post felt a little half finished since I hadn’t completed my plans for the Strike kit so I thought I’d use this weeks post to show it finished as well as go into a little more depth on the finished product.

And here’s how the RG Strike […]

Keeping things Real (grade!)

It feels like the plamos are taking over. After not building one for ages, I ended up doing 2 in 2 weeks! Last week, I built the YF-29 and this week, after receiving the Real Grade Freedom Gundam, I finally got off my ass and built my RG Strike Gundam which had been sitting there […]

(Durandal) Valkyrie Rising

Once again, after completing a painting project, I’m left with the difficult question of what to work on next!! It always happens so I should be used to it but it’s still hard to decide, especially with my backlog. Should I finally get around to building one of the try-GK kits I bought ages ago, […]

Shoukanjuu SUMMON!!

This post is a bit late as I noticed a few minor bits which needed touching up at the last minute before I posted, but at least I get to show that I have still been doing some model kit work even though most of the posts recently have been very video game centered. And […]

Mini Review: Sonic Generations

Last one for a while, I promise! Next week, we go back to model kits but I figured that this one deserves a review of its own, given how much hype it got on its announcement and subsequent release of a demo.

As everyone probably knows, this was the game made to celebrate the […]

Mini Review: Uncharted 3

Too… Many… Games!!!

Seriously! After Arkham City and uncharted 3, I still have yet to complete Shadow of the Colossus from the HD remake collection and Sonic Generations (which should be finished soon. Probably by next week). And that’s not counting Skyward Sword, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Gundam Extreme […]

Travelling to a Distant World

Sometimes, it’s hard to think of what I want to write for a blog post and at other times, it’s the opposite. Guess which one this post was? Confession time! I really don’t like the word “magical.” Perhaps it’s because I’m driven by science and logic more than belief. Maybe it’s the overuse of […]

Mini Review: Batman: Arkham City

Feels Like deja vu! 2 years ago, Rocksteady released Arkham Asylum. It was a fantastic game and one of the first ones who which made you feel like you were the dark knight. It was a massive surprise hit and fought hard for my game of the year, something it lost to uncharted 2. […]

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary concert

Nintendo do like pulling off a load of bluster for their icons don’t they? Mario got a load of special edition items for his 25th anniversary and for the 25th Anniversary of the legend of Zelda, Nintendo announced a set of concerts to celebrate the music of one of the most highly regarded and lauded […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2011

New anime season! YAY!! Especially since we have now hit the big one. Autumn has always traditionally been the largest season with the biggest titles and this year is no exception. There are a couple of shows I am dying to watch but, as usual, let’s take a look at the last season first!

Best […]