Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds heads to the distant world of LONDON!!!

OK, bit of a lazy post this week but one worth shouting out about.

I’m not sure how many readers are familiar with the Distant Worlds concerts. I’m sure most of you are, but just for the few who are not, Distant Worlds is a concert held around the world where one gets to experience the music from various final fantasy games as played by a world renowned orchestra while scenes from the games are shown on a large screen above. So far, there have been concerts in the US, Canada, Singapore and other locations but Europe has been left out in the cold. Until NOW!!

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds is coming to London next year!! It’s still a long time away (the concert isn’t until November) but tickets are already on sale and running out fast so if you’re in the UK around the time and want to be there, better hurry up! The concert will be at the Royal Albert Hall and there’s an added extra to the proceedings as well. It seems that the composer himself, Nobuo Uematsu will be present in all the currently scheduled concerts for 2011. And yes, that also includes London! Furthermore, if you splurge on the price of a ticket there will be a meet and greet with the man himself and the conductor, Arnie Roth after the concert is done. Of course, that also means autographs and photosessions with them both. You also get some pretty swanky seats right in the middle of the Hall facing the Stage! Pretty cool, huh? In your face, Toronto!!

Of course, such a cool privilege doesn’t come cheap as VIP tickets to the meet and greet costs £125 from the regular tickets which cost £45 tops!

And now, I will answer the 2 biggest questions which are probably running in your heads right now. 1) Yes, I’m going! and 2) Yes, I splurged! It’s still a long way away before the concert and I doubt that I’ll be able to take my main camera there as it’s pretty damn big but I’ll try. And at least I’ll have plenty of time to work out what I would like to ask Uematsu-san to sign and figure out what to wear. One does not walk into the Royal Albert Hall in jeans and geeky t-shirt and certainly not in Cosplay (but I’ll bet money that some people will do that).

And on a completely unrelated note, if you are taking part in the Valkyria Chronicles birthday wish project, please be sure to send your messages to the organiser soon as the deadline is fast approaching! All that’s left is to wish readers a happy festive holiday! One more post before 2011. Wonder what I can come up with?

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  • Ken

    I know a few people who are interested in this concert, but myself, i aint a FF fan and i never will be lol 😀

    thanks for the heads up however, i’ll be telling my friends to grab their tickets!

  • I actually find several other RPG series more enjoyable than the final fantasy series but I can’t deny that the music in each FF game is more memorable than those in other RPGs, except Xenogears and valkyria chronicles. I’d be happier if they branched out from just the main FF games and include stuff like tactics but I’m happy with what I have. “To Zanarkand” is one of the few things I liked about FFX!

  • I’m lazy and only attend events in London since it’s where I live, fortunately most big events happen to be in London when happening in the UK. I decided not to get VIP tickets since the benefits didn’t interest me, I just focussed on getting some good seats which I’m quite pleased with. Hopefully they send me an email reminder because this event is ages away and I’ll forget all about it by then.

  • I was close to getting regular tickets and would have probably gotten them if it wasn’t for the fact that the website did a terrible job of showing just what kind of view your seat would have. So I called up the box office and the lady on the other end was very helpful in helping to choose good seats and when I asked about the VIP tickets, she said there were a handful left and there was one right in the center, facing the stage. It would be hard to beat that and a meet and greet with Nobuo Uematsu and getting a few things signed seemed like a cool addition. It’s not everyday you get to meet big names in video games (tho I would prefer to meet Yasanori Mitsuda from a musical standpoint but this is Final Fantasy, not Xenogears).

    I’ll probably forget the event until the regular ticket I bought for my brother arrives a few months prior to the event. VIP ticket holders have to wait even closer to the time apparently.

  • Q

    Argh! Just when I am no longer in the UK! It kinda reminds me when I’ve missed Joe Hisaishi earlier last December because I had to go to Seoul with my family. Oh well, there’s always a next time I’m sure.

    Hope you’ll get to enjoy it, and I am sure I will if I have the opportunity to attend one!

  • Sods law I suppose. Though with it being so far away, there’s always the possibility of saving up like crazy and taking a short trip back to the UK for it, assuming there are still tickets left! But since you’re in HK, I’m sure they’ll do some concerts closer by, like Singapore or possibly even locally in HK! I know that Sydney gets a show before the UK and Uematsu will be there too!

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