A Different kind of Dead Master

And so we’ve managed to get to the final blog post of 2010. How many years has this humble little blog been running now? I think it’s coming up to 4… In any case, I couldn’t think of anything flashy to post up and there will be a look back at the animes and games […]

Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds heads to the distant world of LONDON!!!

OK, bit of a lazy post this week but one worth shouting out about.

I’m not sure how many readers are familiar with the Distant Worlds concerts. I’m sure most of you are, but just for the few who are not, Distant Worlds is a concert held around the world where one gets to […]

Yin and Yang, Sheryl Style!

I think I’ve been pretty open about my love for the Galaxy Fairy on this blog. Sheryl Nome is one of the few anime characters which I can say wholeheartedly that I like, a LOT!!! So it’s a bit of a mixed bag when I say that she has quite a few figures on the […]

Mini Review: Blazblue Continuum Shift

It’s here! After 2 months of delays, 6 months after the US and a full year after Japan, us Europeans finally get our hands on the sequel to Blazblue: calamity Trigger!

I managed to get my copy on Saturday, and have been pretty much playing it non-stop. I was one of the lucky few […]

Attention! Calling all Valkyria Chronicles Fans!!

Oh how I love this pic!

But it seems that this week is a rather busy one in terms of posts. I have been asked to try and get some more people involved in a small fan project which is related to Valkyria Chronicles. A small group of people have decided to try and […]


Couldn’t think of any witty title to go with Asagi this time. I mean, how can you work a witty line with a character from an eroge? Tier??

She was actually completed last week but I decided to hold back posting her for a while. In any case, Asagi has now been completed!!

Previous […]