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Volks announces Saber Lily as their next Garage Kit

Well, Volks likes doing these “stealth” announcements don’t they? A random check on their figure website show that they have updated the page since their last kits, which were Salsa and Ritos from eroge “Shukufuku no Campanella” with a banner announcing their next garage kit. And it’s going to be Saber Lily…

I’m trying […]

First Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles 3

For those more technically inclined among you and have a Japanese PSN account handy, you may be aware that a short demo of Valkyria Chronicles 3 was released a couple of weeks ago. Armed with my trusty PSP3000 and usually dormant jp PSN account, I gave it a shot and downloaded the demo and […]

Project Taimanin (part 3)

Before I start, I’m going to go into rant mode for a single paragraph so you may want to skip down a little. I had managed to purge the fact that I had wasted an hour of my life watching the useless drivel that was the Black Rock Shooter OVA. In fact, I had purged […]

Mini Review: Valkyria Chronicles 2

I’ve been putting off writing this mini review for some time because it’s a really odd curio and difficult to pin down. But maybe getting some things about the game off my chest will help me clear my thoughts.

I don’t think a big introduction to this game is needed. Valkyria Chronicles 2 is […]

MCM Expo Winter 2010 & Loot

Everytime the MCM expo comes around I tell myself that it’s not worth going to, and everytime (for the past few events) something drags my ass to the expo anyway. This time, I offered to speak to a Vinyl maker who was at the event on behalf of tomopop. That eventually changed to a brief […]