Project: Taimanin (Part 2)

After what feels like a while, I get to post about stuff which I started the blog for in the first place, my kits!!

First up, I thought I would I would post up a quick worded update on my HLJ Aisaka Taiga. You know? The one which I’m painting for Tomopop? Well, she’s pretty […]

Anime Roundup: Autumn 2010

Guess it’s that time again. We have a new glut of anime shows to watch while those from last season have now either ended or are continuing on so I guess I can do one of my regular roundup posts again! Standard format for this blog: I’ll write a few lines about what I thought […]

Mini Review: Metroid: Other M

I had thought about whether or not to write up this mini-review since the time I finished the game a few weeks ago… But things are starting to move ahead and there are some things I really feel like I want to get off my chest regarding this game so here it is. I’m […]

Eurogamer Expo 2010 & Hyper Japan

It’s pretty much an annual thing now, going to play lots of video games over an entertaining weekend and this time, I was able to hang out with the crew of Destructoid UK for some of the evenings so much fun was had by all. Rather unfortunately, it seems that a new event to promote […]