Summer of Spending (Oh dear…)

Seeing as I received a rather large order of items a couple of weeks ago, I figured now would be a good time to post up my Summer 2010 haul. Not that there was that much before as I haven’t been buying much until chara hobby, which takes up a large chunk of both the number of items and the total cost as well. The event was not cheap for me…

Come to think about it, it was around this time last year when I spent a metric crapload for kits as well… Deja vu? Here’s hoping it doesn’t become an annual habit, or I need to at least tone it down a little.

In any case, here’s my new items since June:

From the left we have: The LAFM Sheryl Nome stage version (regular readers may remember that I also have the casual wear version which arrived earlier this year), the 1/4 scale volks Bayonetta (yeah, I went there… again!), Celia Kumani Aintree & Laila Ria Sorel from volks, Himeji Shoukanjuu from Baka to test to Shoukanjuu (my only WF purchase this year!), T-Systems Hanekawa Tsubasa & Kikings “World is mine” Hatsune Miku. I Guess I could have added the Aisaka Taiga from HLJ which I’m working on currently but that’s for work and I didn’t buy it myself so I decided not to include her in the end. With the brief intros done, let”s take a closer look!

I haven’t really spent much time with Sheryl. Truth be told, she’s spent most of the summer in her box As I don’t really know what to do with her, not yet anyway. I’m not the kind of guy to take my figures out and do random photoshoots and whatnot so until I think of an awesome home for my ever growing Sheryl army, she’s pretty much in storage. Though I did take a few pics back when I completed my VF-25, I just never posted them.

Here’s the current army, with a few more recruits on the way. I saw a Black bunny Ichiban Kuji Sheryl on sale online and will try getting her. No white bunny figures though. At least not separately. And before anyone asks, because I know someone will, yes she strips!

Now for the meaty stuff! The garage kits!!

I managed to do a prelim build for most of the kits save for Himeji, who will need to go to straight build before she will stay together. Hanekawa also didn’t lend herself well to a prelim build and pinning will be a pain as well. but if you want to see what she will look like when completed, go to the T-Systems website and scroll down the top page. I also found out that the hair pieces for Miku don’t quite fit properly so that’s another headache in waiting, although I should just need some heat to bend it into shape.

Here’s what Himeji will look like once she’s done. She’ll be around nendoroid scale with 2 swappable faces. Strangely, the material for the kit doesn’t quite feel like resin. It’s softer and not as brittle. Still, she’ll make a good side project as I don’t think it will take too long to build her up.

I’ve covered Miku in my previous post so I’ll jump straight to the Volks kits now.

Pretty bland boxes for the volks kits, as per the norm. But there’s no doubting which is which.

Laila looks simply stunning and was really easy to put together. Interestingly, the body came in 3 parts with the clothing parts separated down the middle while the “body” part rests in between. That will make painting a hell of a lot easier!! I’m really glad that I got another chance to pick her up after missing out at Wonder Festival. Still a shame that I missed out on my desired Sheryl and Noel tho.

Celia isn’t quite as arresting as Laila, at least not at first glance, but when you take a closer look and see the level of detail on the kit, then you start appreciating her much more.

Sadly, Celia does have one problem which Laila does not. She’s way too overcomplicated. Aside from the main parts which I managed to put together, there are a lot of additional armour and hair pieces which I feel are unnecessary and could have been worked into the kit without the need for more separate parts. The hair alone comes in half a dozen parts when I think 3 would have done! It means that the build process will take longer and there are more parts to lose but I’ll just have to work through that.

And now we get to the big one (Literally!), Bayonetta!

Due to her pose, she was an absolute pain to get to stand up and required a copious amount of tape. This shouldn’t affect the build once glue comes into play but it did strike me a little, considering how easy my other 1/4 scale kit was to get to stand.

I’m sure you’ve seen the official pics already so there’s not much more to add. The details on the kit are quite stunning and as an added bonus (mostly for Tier I think) her nipples are clearly standing to attention! One thing which was rather surprising was just how few part the main body was. 8 Pieces make up the whole of her body with the smaller parts making up the various details of the Scarborough fair guns!

Speaking of which, I was right. Each gun has it’s own description etched into the guns so there’s a different one for Rosemary, Sage, Parsley and Thyme. Luckily, I have enough references to know which one goes where!

There’s also a LOT of metal  parts for the kit, as seen above. Chains, ornaments, the glasses, you name it!

Bayonetta may not be quite the knockout kit which KOS-MOS is but She still has a lot of charm and looks like she’ll be fun to build. But I think only fans of the game (like me) will really jump at the chance to own her. She doesn’t quite have the charm to pull those on the fence in their droves. But now you’re wondering how the 2 compare side to side now, aren’t you?

Well, here you go. In terms of head space, Bayonetta is slightly taller than KOS-MOS but the G-Shot will make KOS-MOS taller overall. Not that this matters as even without the G-Shot, neither kit will fit into a Detolf shelf. I guess that we should be glad that Bayonetta is lowered in this pose. She’s a very tall lady!! And let’s just be glad that KOS-MOS doesn’t have the blade in the prepainted statue. The blade is 50cms long!! The kit itself must be close to a metre tall!!

Really need to think how I’m going to store these 2 ladies…

And so that’s my purchases for the last few months and save for a few minor things, like the Oboro motorcycle and Pest-X san, I’m not sure if I’ll be making any more major purchases for a while. but we’ll see. Looking at taking a holiday next year instead.

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  • Kos-mos? wow… so many Sheryl… 0.0

  • I think I got the majority of the mainstream sheryl nome stuff except for the gashapons and little figures. But that’s still not everything. But I’ll never complete the collection simply because I refuse to buy the first Ichiban kuji figure. The one with a face which could make a baby cry!

  • I love the himeji figure! It looks so nice and detailed! And the two Volks figures look like they’d be amazing once complete.

    Resin figures still outshine pvc in terms of incredible creativity and detail. Some days, I tire of how generic pvc figures are getting.

  • Come on now, KOS-MOS has been waiting for almost a year to shine! Cutting into the queue like that is just rude! 😛

  • I think that PVC figures are starting to hit their limits in terms of details so manufacturers are moving towards giving them more dynamic poses and/or accessories. nothing wrong with that but I feel that they sometimes miss the point.

  • Haha ok.. how long have you had kos-mos?

  • Lemme see… I posted her in November and she would have been around for a week or so before I would post her… so roughly 11 months I think. Some of my kits have been with me for years and I still haven’t made them!!

  • lee

    O_O thats a lot of loot man. with this exchange rate I’d say it cost you at least a few fingers? and that bayonetta is huge, even taller than kos-mos! still, kos-mos is like that special piece that needs to be done asap…second thought, she looks really nice unpainted especially face and hair, like a statue.

  • In terms of value, yeah. This was a fair bit of loot. But at least the volume wasn’t too big. Overall, the cost wasn’t too bad. About the same as my KoG and KOS-MOS from last year combined (my KoG was very expensive!).
    And I know what you mean about the KOS-MOS! But I have to do it. even if I screw up, something compels me to paint her!

  • Bayonetta!! <3 😯 😯 😳 8)

  • Oh Shi… How the heck did you find this place? Bayonetta is pretty cool but I’m definitely doing KOS-MOS first. Hopefully, it won’t take me another year before I get Bayonetta done as well!

  • Bayofan82

    Look just do bayonetta alright? Lol u got too meny of us fans that want that colored lol. Even tho I’ve seen it meny times but still lol. So how much was her? And how the Fk did u get her lol. (sorry for my swearing lol)and here’s one more ?, how do u unlock the cutie j costume in the game 🙁 i I’ve been trying to find out but nothin tells anything :(. Ty for reading 🙂

  • You certainly have a way with words, although I can’t say how effective they are in getting your desired results!
    KOS-MOS takes priority over all except the projects currently running. That’s just the way things are. As for how I got Bayonetta, I used Tokyohunter as a proxy to get one from one of the volks event but later, they made her available to purchase via their website so you can go through that route if you wish.

    And I believe that Cutie J is an alternative costume for Jeanne, so you need to unlock her first, at the cost of 1 million halos or something.

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