Tokyo Game Show 2010: Where the companies enjoy kicking you in the nuts!

Well, this years TGS has well and truly kicked off now with a slew of announcments to make you cry. Seriously!

First, I guess we best start off with the good news so far. The HD remakes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus exists and will be released!! This is awesome news for myself since I missed out on SotC when it first came out. I did buy a copy of ICO tho. but I look forward to playing through them before the last guardian comes out!

That’s about it for the good news, but at least it may have been good enough to get a tear or 2.

Now for the bad, and this is where I go into rant mode a little so bear with me.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 was spoilered as a major announcement from sega at TGS and the news alone was enough for people to start crying. We’re getting another sequel to one of the best games on the PS3!! Maybe it’ll go back to the home consoles where it belongs (no offence. The PSP valkyria chronicles 2 is good but it doesn’t hold a candle to the PS3 version). Except that it’s not… Instead, it’s going to the PSP again… WTF????

After I had finished facepalming so hard I think I left a bruise on my forehead I read up more about the game, determined to give it a chance. And then I came across the reason why sega decided to put VC3 onto the PSP. In their own words they “believes that a new HD entry would have to have some truly revolutionary ideas, ones that they haven’t quite thought of yet!”

That is the biggest piece of corporate bullshit I have heard since the reason for cutting out various chunks of Yakuza 3 during localisation… Which was also done by Sega!! I already have a PSP (2 actually. one running CFW) so it’s not the actual platform which has me annoyed but rather the sheer arrogance and idiocy which sega seem to be displaying right now. They claimed that they would listen to the fans to give us what we want and then they give us half of it and then slaps our faces with a wet fish! The nonsense about needing a “truly revolutionary idea” for the next home console version means that we most likely won’t see another game on a home console this generation (or the next for that matter assuming sega haven’t run themselves into the ground yet) assuming they stick to it. This is sega we’re talking about here! Basically, the coporate BS can be translated to thus “Developing for PSP is cheaper and because we can reuse the stuff from VC2, it’ll be faster as well. This is all about getting titles out ASAP so we can milk the series for all it’s worth. We never expected it to sell much anyway so the limited PSP market outside japan doesn’t matter to us and we don’t give a damn about what the fans want. We just pretend to and pick the parts we like to hear. We own the title so we can do whatever we want with it, even if it is self destructive. We have a lot of experience in that regards!

Valkyria Chronicles: the series which wasn’t even given a chance to shine.

Also, I mentioned Yakuza 3 up there too. Pretty apt since that’s the next thing I was going on to. Seems that the next yakuza game, called “In the end” is about destruction and has lots of ruined buildings and stuff. It also has Kazama Kiriyu killing lots of zombies. Yeah, you read that right. ZOMBIES! They tried to sidestep the issue by saying that it’s a spinoff but that hasn’t helped matters. Seems that Sega are intent on killing their most promising series and the ones most beloved by fans around the world. Whatever happened to the cool sega of the early 90s?

And the last thing to note so far would be the announcement of a new Devil May Cry game, developed by british company, Ninja Theory.

Now, this one will split people down the middle. It’s arguable that a reboot of the series was needed. Nero was a somewhat interesting addition to DMC4 but I felt that the game had become a little bit too complicated to enjoy fully, especially with dantes styles.
The problem is that I’m not sure that this new reboot is the way to go. Plus, I’m not sold on Ninja theory as the developer. If Heavenly sword (and what I hear about Enslaved from people who have played it) are anything to go by, Ninja Theory are good at taking mechanics from other games and making them look very very pretty. I’m just not sure if that’s the kind of skillset one needs to develop a good DMC game. Not that it matters. bayonetta left them standing when it was released in the UK early this year. I really don’t see how Ninja theory can beat that, although copying it and making it look “prettier” isn’t outside the realms of possibility.

The rest of the news left me pretty nonplussed, mainly because there wasn’t enough info given. We got a reveal for Ninja Gaiden 3 (bet that will be multi format), a new game by Suda51 and a few new game announcements. Time wil tell us if they’re worth looking out for. But for now, I think I see rivers of blood forming from the tears of many gamers over the (mostly sega) announcements.

And that’s the end of my rant. At least I have a little good news to try and balance it out. The first part of my GK tutorial is now up and I got another kit to ad to the “to do” pile. Maybe I’ll introduce you all to her shortly.

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  • subaruhess

    You know, I almost thought the VC3 announcement was for the PS3.. till I saw the psp logo and ‘ffs!’ went through my mind. Besides ranting I guess we can only pray that VC4 if that ever happens is a ps3 game.

  • I’m starting to doubt even that! Sega just enjoy screwing with the fanbase so I wouldn’t be surprised if VC2 and then 3 see diminishing returns with the heads of Sega scratch their heads and think “wut went wrong” when the fans are screaming outside their doorstep!

    “A truly revolutionary step..” Bah! It took one console generation to go from traditional grid based combat to the ARMS combat seen in the sakura Wars series and then 2 generations to go from that to BlitZ!! And that’s just the combat system! Sega will be dead as a company before they find that next step they’re waiting for. They seem to be doing a pretty good job of destroying themselves right now!

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