Project: Taimanin (Part 1)

With all this talk of Taiga and new acquisitions, it’s easy to forget that I actually have another project on the go right now. This one is just a personal one so there’s no strings attached and I was just planning to use it as a testbed for some ideas.

So here’s how far I […]

Summer of Spending (Oh dear…)

Seeing as I received a rather large order of items a couple of weeks ago, I figured now would be a good time to post up my Summer 2010 haul. Not that there was that much before as I haven’t been buying much until chara hobby, which takes up a large chunk of both the […]

Project: Tomo-Tiger has begun!

Well, this post is rather late. I blame the fact that I am away from my usual equipment and have to fight for control of the only PC in the house with family members, and by “fight” I mean “lay down my arms and let them do whatever they want”

But I did promise that […]

Tokyo Game Show 2010: Where the companies enjoy kicking you in the nuts!

Well, this years TGS has well and truly kicked off now with a slew of announcments to make you cry. Seriously!

First, I guess we best start off with the good news so far. The HD remakes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus exists and will be released!! This is awesome news for myself […]

The Calm before the Storm

Not really much of a post this week cos I’m feeling really lazy! No real progress on my kits this weekend either. I spent Saturday at a Capcom event previewing Dead Rising 2 too.

Sadly, it’s not really good enough for me to write a post about. It’s just the same as the first game, […]

Project: tomo-tiger!

Just a short post this week, but I think it’s safe to talk about it now. I hinted about this little project last week but here’s a little more info. As some of you may know, I occasionally write articles for a toy and collectibles site called Tomopop, where I tend to focus on mecha […]