Taki Corporation goes bust! All’s right with the World

Normally, I don’t really care for PVC figure news but this was too good to pass up.

I think everyone who collects anime figures have heard of  Taki Corporation. They are known for making incredibly ugly, poor quality figures and a metric craptonne of Ikkitousen stuff! (please note that the 2 are not mutually exclusive)

Here’s one of their handyworks.

And that’s arguably one of their better ones!

Well, if this twitter account by AmagiBC5 is to be believed, Taki are finally bankrupt! That’s right, no more ugly Ikkitousen figures!! Here’s a japanese blog page with the twitter post specifically saying so, in case you can’t see it in the twitter (although some level of understanding will be required) and more pics of the Taki quality figures available.

Sankaku complex brought it to my attention but I thought I’d better do some extra investigating before posting, for obvious reasons.

And I’m 100% certain there won’t any disappointed faces. In fact, some may be crying tears of joy! How they managed to stay afloat for this long is beyond me! But it’s all over now. Unless they somehow rise from the ashes even stronger, like some cliché shounen plotdevice.
Current preorders and releases are unaffected but then, that’s all folks!

Try not the make too much noise when you celebrate! ^_^

3 comments to Taki Corporation goes bust! All’s right with the World

  • Reirika

    Usually less companies = less figures = sad, but somehow they managed to obtain the opposite results on me >.>, R.I.P. Taki Corp.

  • GNdynames

    It is actually interesting how they lasted, due to the nature of the niche market and all.

  • very true. That is something which people have been asking every time we saw a new figure from them. I’m guessing they had other, more profitable ventures which funnelled the money into the figure part of the business. Then again, die hard japanese fans of series don’t seem to pay much attention to little things like the quality of items.

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