Project: Frontier

OK, it’s official! I’m getting old!!! Back in the day (see? I even sound old!) I used to be able to snap together a MG gundam kit in the space of a few hours (3~4 hrs to be precise). Now, in the same time, I can barely do the limbs and front nose of my VF25!

In any case, it’s been a long time coming but my next project will be the VF25 model kit with Sheryl Nome decals. And I assure you, I am really dreading the decals!!

It’s been waiting to be built for quite some time. I had primed all the parts in their base colours ages ago so it just needed to be put together and detailed. I just never got around to it. But I needed something relatively simple to work on at the moment as there’s a few major things going on IRL which may very well take a lot of my time. I had initially wanted to start work on KOS-MOS but I don’t want to start work on her unless I can guarantee that I can give her my undivided attention. Izanagi is on hold while I try to figure out what remaining joints I need and I couldn’t decide on which GK I should start on (tho the Try-GK saber was winning). So in the end, I started work on the VF25. I should finish the actual build very soon and will take pics then but once the decals are on, I think it will be restricted to a single mode as from what I can tell, there are far too many “scratch points,” points of contact which could damage the decals regardless of how much clearcoat I apply to allow it to transform.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking out for the cool stuff which will be on show at Chara Hobby at the end of the month. Volks have already announced that they are bringing Gundam garage kits to the event, which is a bit of a surprise since bandai are notoriously protective of their property. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a corporate event so don’t expect any circles to be showing off stuff like at Wonder Festival or Treasure Festa. Also, unless there’s a really amazing kit on show at the events, I think I’ll be on an effective spending freeze. At least up until winter Wonder Festival. Let’s see if I really can make it to next years event!!

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  • lee

    your not officially old until you turn 26!! but jeez man, never gonna start on your kosmos will ya? if you feel like it you can sell it to me, I’d prably be able to pay you around the amount you got it for since its really hard to find one nowadays on yja 😀

  • Well turning 29 for me this year so I am old lol!!! I face the same problem just snap fitting this kit! A good bloody 2 hrs just for the top half! My VF is permanently in Gerwalk mode…..don’t want to waste all that effort on the decals…plus yours are the Sheryl nome’s version! 😉

  • *cough*27backinMay*cough*

    And damn you Mr Lee! I so AM going to do KOS-MOS!! Even if she kills me! just you wait… *starts plotting*

  • Looking back, I think the decals were my first piece of Sheryl merchandise. I wasn’t even interested in the kit until I found out about those decals. I was also tempted by the Cathy Glass ones too. Wait, there was a ranka one too? pfft Who cares?

  • lee

    eh they say, 30 is a new 20, should look forward to it 😀

    hehe, well at least you got some motivation on the kit now, I’ll be looking forward of seeing your progress.

  • Eh? I thought the big three-oh was some kind of mythical age which people don’t reach. Ladies especially seem to get stuck at 29! Well, at least I’m a long way away from a mid-life crisis!

    And KOS-MOS was always on the cards. Especially since my purchase of Bayonetta looks more and more likely, I can’t have 2 very large unbuilt kits lying around my room and taking up space!!

  • lee

    lol nah man, even bruce lee lived until 33 and I didn’t consider him an old man when he dead. I think age don’t really matter, its your heart 😀 on the other hand, I tried to stretch yesterday when I got off work but end up cracked my back and its hurting like a bitch so today I’m gonna go to chinatown and get massage..and I just turned prime age last month, can you believe it??

  • Well, slowly but steadily….. it’s not about the speed but rather the quality… if you can do 4-5 hours for a 1/100 MG kit, I can barely finish a 1/144 HG kit in 7 hours…. that means I’m older than you LOL….

  • I don’t think you are getting out. Having built a VF-25 kit before, I believed the VF kit is slightly tougher compared to the regular MG kit we have built before. Thus, explaining the the longer time that you took.

    The decals can be a tough nut to apply, which is the reason why I still haven’t apply them on my VF kit up to now. :S

  • Well, I like to think that my quality hasn’t gone down over the years, I still take care to make sure there are no excess bits and the parts are smooth. But the time estimate is just for the snap build. If I choose to paint then it’ll be longer. Now, I’m used to my projects taking over a month, but those are garage kits and then need a lot of time and attention, more than plastic kits like these.

  • You may be right about that, but transforming kits are always a pain because it’s often difficult to make sure all the parts line up like they should.I already have a few small gaps in certain areas and have identified several “break points” on the kit where the parts are likely to snap. Keeping this kit in fighter mode is probably a good idea regardless of the decals!

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