WonderFestival 2010 Summer Garage Kits

Getting the motivation to write this post was surprisingly hard. Maybe it was because I researched too hard prior to the event so there were no big surprises in store on the floor. Maybe it’s because I failed to obtain my 3 target kits and the likelihood of them hitting Y!JA is pretty slim. Or […]

Volks continues to tease us with their 1/4 Bayonetta!

Damn you Volks!!! Stop jerking us around and just show her off!!

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that we won’t see a complete version of the kit until Wonder Festival itself. But that doesn’t stop Volks from publishing even more teaser images of the kit. But if there’s one bright spot […]

Wonderfestival Summer 2010 Preview

Cutting it a bit close since the event is on Sunday but that has given me the chance to catch some better images of kits as the makers have finished their previews and are gearing for the event in earnest! Colour shots of kits which were initially only grayscale are becoming more common!

Having said […]

Mini Review: Crackdown 2

This weeks post is a little late but something came up so I was unable to blog on my regular release day. And no, it wasn’t because I was playing this game!! In any case, it seemed an apt time to throw some thoughts together about Crackdown 2, the recently released Xbox 360 exclusive […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 2010

Yay for the Summer! Another season of anime to watch, although being the summer, the selection isn’t as large as others but hopefully, there will actually be some standout shows this time round as opposed to the mostly forgettable batch from the Spring. There were a couple of good shows but the majority were pretty […]

Entering Orgia mode!

Sometimes it’s good to just have a simple kit to work on and have everything run smoothly. The lack of any additional frustrations makes for a much less stressful build and the whole thing just feels more fun! It often means that you finish it faster as well! 3 weeks in and here’s Metis, fully […]