Project: Metis

It feels like it’s been a while since I did a post on my model kit projects. I guess doing 2 Thanatos kits in a row took it out of me a little. But time to roll on and, while I really wanted to do another fixed pose figure, I opted to finish off the […]

E3 2010: Big Keynote speech battle!

Truth be told, I had almost completely forgotten about E3 until the Microsoft Keynote speech yesterday. Guess there’s just not much on the horizon which I am looking forward to… But in any case, I decided to bunch the 3 keynotes together into 1 post because… well, you’ll see. The main pic is of […]

Mini Review: Sakura Taisen V: Farewell, My love

Finally finished Sakura Taisen V soon after the previous post (Damn you Nobunaga!! You were such a cheap ass!!! BTW, has anyone else noticed that Nobunaga is almost always portrayed as some demonic bad guy in video games even though he wasn’t that evil by the standards of his time?) so I get to write […]

MCM Expo summer 2010

This post is a bit late seeing as the expo happened over the weekend but after the event, I pretty much hopped onto a train to South Wales to see the folks, have a long weekend and enjoy some time with the New York Kagekidan. As a result, I kinda left all the photos on […]