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And then it was Three…

This blog only has a few traditions. One is a blog post on New Years which looks back at the anime and games of the past year and the other is a look back at all my purchases and completed projects over the year which is written on the last week of May, as it coincides with the birthday of this blog!!

And with this post, that makes this blog THREE (!!) years old!!!

誕生日 おめてとう

And here’s what I’ve purchased over the last year in terms of figures! A rather scary number of PVC figures this time around compared to last year…

No prizegiving though, I’m afraid. What would I be able to give which you guys want anyway? Now, lets have a closer look at the figures!

First up, we have the 2 gunpla I have made over the last 12 months. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s about the same as what I did last year. Actually, I did more this time as I also completed a perfect grade Red Frame and 00 Raiser but I don’t have those 2 on hand for pics. Little bits of paint has chipped off my unicorn now but I don’t know if I’ll go back to fix it.

I still have my VF25 and Gundam Exia to build as well. The MG Victory gundam is also something I intend to purchase soon, most likely when the dash variant comes out so there will still be a footprint for gunpla on this blog for a while!

And a pic for the little guys!!! These are all the smaller (in terms of size) purchases. Figmas, Revoltechs and a nendo along with 2 small Macross F purchases I made near the end of last year. This is probably the only time for some of them to shine as I’m not really into doing a photo review for everything I have, just select stuff!

And the Sheryl army makes an appearance once again. In fact, most of my PVC purchases have been for Sheryl figures! More to come as well so the army will continue to grow!

And here are the other, non sheryl, figures I have purchased. Volks Fate took me a while to track down after having missed her 3 times!! In the end, I managed to grab on at the Volks Hobby Round 2 event. I know that feelings for her are rather mixed but I find the pose to be better than the Alter version, which looks awkward. Saber is showing off her armour-less look which Good Smile Company have now made into a separate, limited edition figure. Urd is actually a prepainted figure from E2046. I ordered her a while back but she missed the cutoff point for last year so that’s why she’s here now. I was curious about their build quality so I bought Asuka and Urd to check them out. In the end, I found the paintjob to be decent but it doesn’t blow me away. In future, I’ll just stick to painting my own.

An excuse to post my MS girls artbooks cos I really do love them!!

And here are all my painting projects for the past 12 months! I still can’t believe that I managed to finish the Knight of Gold… It’s a shame that Sherly didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but I’m now free to tackle other projects! I actually built 2 Thanatos kits. One of them is now in it’s final home with my little brother. Izanagi should follow him eventually.

Out of all the figures above, I have to say that I love the Knight of Gold the most, followed by Saber Lily, but that’s only because of the mod. If she was untouched, I would say that Hoihoi would be my second choice. What about you guys? Which one do you like the most?

To finish things off, this is the point where I get to say my thanks. Firstly, many thanks to 7 and the Kombine for the great hosting!!

Secondly, many thanks to Tokyohunter, who has been a MASSIVE help to me for getting a number of items you see above, as well as a couple of kits which have yet to be done. I swear, KOS-MOS ver 4 WILL be done in time for next year! Hopefully…

Finally, the biggest thanks go to you, the readers! This blog would be nothing without it’s readers so it’s obvious that I should thank you for taking the time to read it! It may not have a massive readership, but it was never about that. It’s about sharing stuff with those of you who are interested and/or like minded so again, thank you for reading this small blog, leaving comments and generally giving me that little push to keep things going!

Lets see if I can last another year!!

16 comments to And then it was Three…

  • Congratulations on the third year 😉 !!

  • Thanks man. I think it’s still kinda sinking in that I’ve been doing at least 1 post a week for 3 years!! What the heck was I thinking?? actually, I probably wasn’t.

  • Congratulations on year #3!!
    I’ve only been reading your blog for the past year or so, and it’s been good. So wishing you many more to come!

    You’ve made some pretty solid purchases in a year! 😀

  • Happy blogday! Congratulations on the 3 years! Did you think you were going to make it to 3 years when you first started? 😀

    I have a bias towards HoiHoi-san, so she’s one of the best. And of course I’m a Saber fanboy, so Lily’s looking nice ^^ Gold is also one of my favourite colours XD

  • Many thanks Radiant. I may not comment too much but rest assured, I read yours as well! Some pretty interesting articles on there!

    The strange thing is that when I do these posts, I always find out that I have bought way more than I initially thought! My GK numbers are pretty steady tho.

  • You’re kidding right? Back when I started, I was wondering if it was going to last 3 months!! Let alone 3 years!!!!
    I think sticking to a “1 post per week” format instead of posting whenever I thought something was interesting has helped keep it going. Post writing has made itself part of a small schedule so I know I should do it and not just pass on it.

    But I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s let me converse with a wide bunch of ppl like yourself, radiant, Johnson, lee and chubby! pff, who needs figure.fm?

  • Happy B-Day and can we have Caek?^^;;

    Gotta love your painted Knight of Gold and Yoko.

  • You should know by now that the cake is a lie!!! 😈

    The KoG definitely rates highly on my list of faves too, but none come close to Haruhi. Even now!

  • lee

    happy 3rd! nothing comes close to Haruhi eh? what if bubba comes out with a really nice looking sheryl kit 😀

    well anyways I’m pretty carious, how long does it take for you to blog about something every week on average? man oh man, I’d love to have my own blog someday, just the thought of being able to share interesting events and my own thoughts with readers gets me worked up!! now only if I paid more attention during all my writing classes back in high school and those basic college english requirement courses last year it might of happened, but as my writing skill the way it is now, pheww..maybe another few years hehe.

  • Truth be told, I haven’t really been blown away by the later bubba kits so I sometimes wonder if his Haruhi was a one-off. I guess his witch Nagato Yuki was pretty good but not at the same level. his space Yuki and velvet left me pretty cold.

    Hmm, for my main posts, they take around 2~3 hours to upload the photos and write up. Usually, it’s on the longer end when I need to actually take the photos as well. I usually have an idea on what I want to write about for the week well beforehand so it tends to flow quite easily once I get working on it. I don’t really do spontaneous very well.
    I wouldn’t worry about writing skills tho. Essay writing was never my strong point at school but so long as you’re concise, can easily communicate to readers what you intend to say and can be easily followed, then you’ve done a good job. There are some bloggers who can’t even do that!

  • Congrats! Blogging consistently for three years is an impressive achievement; my blog bookmarks folder is full of sites that haven’t been updated in months and aren’t nearly three years old.

    I guess the dollfie people need figure.fm. >.>

  • I know what you mean. I’ve seen quite a few blogs which seemed to start off really strongly, with posts every few days or so and then nothing. I assume that they simply burned themselves out or couldn’t keep up with the pace they set themselves so just dropped it all together!

    And the dollfie people can have figure.fm. They practically run the place! I think many of the old guard have split off into our own little blog network anyway!

  • Q

    Congratulations and happy 3rd anniversary for your blog mate!

    Man it must be quite a feat to keep active on blogging for such a long time. A lot of us get bogged down by real life, or get distracted by other things, or simply lose motivation to keep on going. I understand how you try to keep yourself active by trying to post once a week, despite people trying to encourage us to blog whenever you feel like it. I too actually have a similar system for myself too (you can definitely see the pattern once you have a look on my blog archives) to keep myself active and not get idle away whenever possible, well with exception when real life really hampers me down badly.

    Have been rather behind on peoples’ blogs lately, but at least the worst part for me in real life is over just now, so I should have more time to myself now @_@. A solid year so far, and glad to know that you will still continue with the gunpla with V Dash coming up later this year. I’m sure I will be kept busy by all sorts of 1/144 ^^; Keep up the good work man!

  • Happy 3rd tanjoubi!

    Anyways got news on your Megahouse AFCL Sheryl Stage Outfit Version yet?

  • Don’t worry about the gunpla. Until Bandai give me a MG Gundam Double X and V2 Gundam, I won’t quit. And the perfect grades will keep grabbing me back as well :mrgreen:

    I keep having to look at my archives for the fact that I’ve been blogging for 3 years to properly sink in. Sometimes, with Kendo practice and writing for tomopop I wonder how I manage to keep this blog running, esp since I still need time to build my kits and play my games. It really feels like it’s at the bottom of the pile from time to time but come Wednesday, I always seem to sit down and write something! I try very hard to keep various parts of my life separate from eachother so one doesn’t usually bog down the others but at the same time, I don’t think I can be one of those ppl who follow their passions as part of their work. If I did that, I feel that the passion would lessen.

    But I’m quietly confident that I still have enough material for another year of blogging… Maybe.

  • Many thanks!

    No, I haven’t heard anything from Tokyohunter regarding the AFCL Sheryl yet but I’d give it a little more time. I’m not sure when they were released and it takes a little while for it to be shipped to him before he can give us the news. In any case, I’ll probably be asking him for some help in acquiring a kit or 2 from Treasure Festa at the end of the month so I can check in then. As the moment, I’m looking at the T Systems Hanekawa Tsubasa from Bakemonogatari. Hanekawa really is under-represented!!!


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