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And then it was Three…

This blog only has a few traditions. One is a blog post on New Years which looks back at the anime and games of the past year and the other is a look back at all my purchases and completed projects over the year which is written on the last week of May, as it […]

Rebuild of Evangelion

Neon genesis Evangelion is an anime which needs no introduction and is also one which I have a bit of a past with. It was Evangelion which brought me back kicking and screaming into the world of anime after a long hiatus back when ADV released the series on VHS. This was long before […]

Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end!

Well, that took longer than expected! In the end, this project took me around a month to complete but it’s all done now so I can move on to making the second one!

Ladies and gents, Thanatos is now complete and ready to appraise you!

This is also the first figure shoot where I […]

New Equiment test!!

OK, so I lied! Thanatos doesn’t get a post this week but there’s a reason for this! I have been using a small Canon IXUS 870 for my photos for a while now but more and more, I find myself frustrated by the limitations of the camera which I hit rather often now. Things like […]

Head to Head: Super Streetfighter IV vs Blazeblue: Calamity Trigger

Had to be done really! This battle actually has extra relevance since I am one of the poor residents of the EU, Blazblue wasn’t released until 9 months after the US, which was a little over a month ago!! So it wasn’t given a significant amount of time to grow it’s userbase, whereas SSFIV […]

The London Cup 2010

Man, has it already been a year since my last post on kendo? Well, I guess there hasn’t really been much to report on that front. I still go to tora dojo and I’m currently waiting for my kendo armour to arrive (it got delayed due to some volcano erupting in Iceland). I did manage […]