When is it “too much?”

As collectors, we tend to not think too much about our purchases once they’re done. Afterall, we wanted it so we bought it! But there must be a point where a collector will look at his items and think “Yeah, I think I went overboard!” Not necessarily with the price, but with the actual item.
I’m not sure where my limit is, but I think I have come very close to passing it with my purchases this month!

Truth be told, only Izanagi is an actual purchase from this month and it’s not even for me! I just need to build it for someone else. The other 2 were purchased a while back but I was waiting for the release of the MS girls artbook (Which is awesome!!! I’ll get into the details later in the post)

As for the Sheryl Nome box… I have repeatedly said that the only way I would get a doll would be if they made one of a character I don’t just really like, but ADORE!!! Someone like Mahoro from Mahoromatic, or Sheryl Nome…
Well, it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is.

What I had purchased was a Sheryl Nome “limited action figure” from Megahouse. They call it an action figure but it’s pretty close to being a doll. It just lacks the faux hair and the really scary eyes. Supposedly, she’s a limited edition. one of 700 made, but I can’t find anything in the packaging which could confirm that.
Megahouse will also be releasing a “stage version” in May with the Admiral Stripper costume. Yep, I’ve ordered that too…

The figure itself isn’t too bad and is actually one of the few Sheryl figures I have seen which doesn’t have a really ugly face. Sad truth: Nobody can do a good Sheryl face!!

Articulation is rather impressive and she comes with swappable hands and feet as well as a bunch of accessories which I have not bothered to try out.

For those who are wondering, here’s what her joints look like.

It had to be done!!! And yes, they even gave her undergarments!! Strangely, I couldn’t bring myself to remove those for some reason…

And here’s the current state of my Sheryl “army.” Come to think about it, I still have my VF-25 with Sheryl Decals to build!

Overall, I don’t regret buying the Sheryl Doll (No, I don’t care what people say. I will NEVER call her a daughter and I did NOT “adopt” her. Doesn’t that just apply to Dollfies anyway?) but it really did make me question my sanity a little when she finally arrived.
But in any case, On with the good stuff, the MS Girls Artbook!!!

I love MS girls. I have several hundred images picked up through the internets over the years and managed to buy the original MS girls artbook from Radiant! So when I heard that they were releasing a new one, you could bet your ass that I was going to get one. The only annoyance was that, when I preordered, it was only available via the publishers website so I used a proxy to get it. It wasn’t until much later that I found out that it was a general release so I could have saved on the proxy fees! Oh well, the important thing is that I have it!

Both books were done by Mika Akitaka but the new one covers the works from 2001 onwards. The first book had a lot of art which was done in the early 90s and you could see it in the designs. In fact, a lot of them looked like they belonged in 80s anime!!

His art has evolved since then and many of the images in the book have been available on the net for some time since they are often serialised in Gundam Ace magazine or some other publications. But there were still quite a few new ones I had never seen before. And because I’m feeling generous, I took a few shots of my favourites!

The book came with an A3 sized pull out poster with the wing zero custom girl on the front cover and this unicorn girl on the other!

Wing ver Ka Girl and Gerbera Tetra girl!

GP02 and GP04 girls

Aile and Sword Strike Girl (there was also a launcher strike girl on the next page)

Insanity!! Penelope and XI gundam girls from Hathways flash! (gotta love then engrish too!)

V gundam girl and Gundam 7th girl (A MSV)

Full armour gundam mkIII and psycho gundam mkII maid girls!

Finally, we have Real colour gundam maid girl and (quite possibly my favourite pic in the book) Gundam X maid girl!!

Ah, I wish that someone would do some figures of this series. I don’t care if it’s PVC or resin (tho I would prefer resin). Someone, please make it happen!!

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  • Excellent purchase! I’ve spent way to much this month too so u’re not alone ^^

  • What a burning question – “When is it too much”
    personally, I believe in collecting things that one adores. I’m my opinion, I do not think that’s too much!! *Checks lightningsabre’s Rei Shrine*

    Congrats on procuring this lovely Sheryl Nome w/ an obitsu body!! 😉

  • Haha, Well, at least these were paid well in advance. I think I got Sheryl around late Jan and the MS Girls artbook in Feb, but the artbook wasn’t out until a few weeks ago so I waited till they were all together before having them shipped. I bought something else which was rather expensive this month tho…

    Nice find on the Sheryl Nome Visual Book BTW. When I do the occasional search, it’s always overpriced on the auction sites.

  • Very true. It’s just trying to balance my love for Sheryl with my personal disdain for dolls in general which is causing a conflict of interest and a small mental breakdown. At least it’s not a question of money for me. This Sheryl doll doesn’t even come close to matching my higher-end expenditure for individual goods! But God help me if Volks make a DD Sheryl…
    Still, it’s not often one can say that he owns one item of a limited run of 700, or 2000 (for my Ignis the red) or 200 (for my Bunny Haruhi).

  • Holy damn, thats a pretty good Sheryl shrine you have there. Plus I envy you for purchasing one of them MS girl treasures, though I have no thing for Maids.

    Izanagi, woot! only one, no red eh?

  • Ha, there is no such thing! I mean, unless you’re about to get thrown into debtor’s prison or something. I like your daughter. (Heh :mrgreen: ) And I agree that there should be more figures of mecha girls, whether they be Gundam girls or some other sort of mecha girl. I guess the Strike Witches people are sorta like mecha girls but I really dislike animal ears and tails.

  • I was just asking myself that question last night and this morning as I took inventory. My closet is 2/3 filled with boxes (and this is a 10ft wide closet!). 2/3 of those boxes are empty, while the other 1/3 are figures that have been stored. 3 of those figures were purchased 3 years ago but have never been opened (because of lack of space).
    Xecty Military version arrived yesterday. Tsugumi Nendoroid arrived today. Heck, Marisa Nendoroid arrived last week! Race Queen Miku is on its way too, and probably will be here tomorrow, or next week. Several more figures are preordered too.

    Overboard? Yes. Time to sell?
    … dammit.

  • The Sheryl Shrine is still growing too! But the MS girls artbook was a must buy for me as soon as I learned of it’s existence. There was no way I was letting that one slip by!

    As for Izanagi, I must confess that although I own P4, I haven’t really played it. I was too focused on P3 and I ended up at the last month before the final boss and then just stopped playing…

  • I really don’t get the whole thing about calling dolls “daughters” except for the idea of a marketing ploy like Radiant mentioned. But I’m sticking to my guns. No daughters here!!
    And I really hated Strike Witches. The characters got on my nerves and the plot wasn’t as good as sky girls so I wondered what the point of it was. Obviously now I realise it was just to flog merchandise but still…

  • At least you are willing to sell! I doggedly stick with all my purchases and I have no intention of selling any of them. So I keep needing to find space for them all!
    Probably a good thing that I don’t buy PVCs now that I think about it!!

  • lee

    thought you didn’t like dolls? guess your love for Sheryl prevailed in the end huh :mrgreen: seriously I can’t believe how crazy people can get with this hobby, “adapt” a “daughter”? wtf..anyways, that’s why I don’t refer my figures as “she or her” I mean, it doesn’t move and can’t speak, but only a piece of displayable artwork made by plastic..don’t go “it” on other peoples collection tho.

    well, I’ve yet to be able to bring home a 1/1 scale figure! but that’ll prably never happen anyways unless they made my favor character of all time without using wig 😀 of course, I’d be financially obliterated afterward..

  • Indeed, you are correct on both accounts! I really don’t like dolls but in this instance, my love for Sheryl Nome won me over (twice actually since I’ll be getting the stage version in May).
    I tend to refer to my figures as she or her but that’s mainly because of that unwritten rule that men refer to inanimate objects as female. You know? Like cars. If someone has some affection for their car and think of it as more than just a tool to get from A to B (and then on to point C), it’s always a “she”!!
    That’s pretty much the only reason for me. They’re still objects to me but I refer to them as she for that reason.

    And I wouldn’t mind getting a 1/1 scale, perhaps like those made by papermoon, if I had the funds just so I can say “Yep, I have one!” but prohibitively expensive is an understatement. Having said that, after seeing your spending habits, it may just be within your limit…

  • i think a simple criteria (but not all inclusive) for “too much” is regret… once you get that feeling you’ve probably surpassed a limit of some sort ^^;

    love mecha-suit-gals, one of the reasons i love exelica so much ^^ would also love figures of ms girls

    your sheryl collection is filling out nicely, nothing wrong with a doll for completeness ^^ i suck at posing and don’t particularly like messing with little parts so more static stuff for me for the time being ^^;

  • Indeed, Regret is a probable way of judging if you’ve surpassed your limit, but it’s not applicable in this case. I don’t regret buying Sheryl but my aversion to dolls and my love of the character is really fighting some kind of epic battle within my psyche right now!!

    I really do wish that a company would request the license to use the MS designs and Akitaka for permission to use those designs. Or even a GK circle to give it a shot!! I bet they would be extremely popular!!
    And I hear you about the posing problem. I usually think of one or 2 but they tend to be a little static, but very natural pose (tho one could argue that the “seiza” position I put Sheryl in is anything but natural!!). But I prefer not to have to think about such things. I’m not the kind of guy who would carry a figure around in public for an impromptu photoshoot.

  • lee

    haha, even if you say that I’ll still feel a little “gay” calling my figures she lol

    I bet those 1/1 figures shipping’ll be a bitch, prably 1000$ or more(I’m pretty sure its over the EMS weight limit). but the costume officer’s expression when he/she opens up the package will be immediately priceless! and I almost know for a fact that one way or the other they’ll find a way to damage it in the end..that said I don’t like those papermoon ones they have so far, too many wigs and most of the faces don’t look right plus the leg joints separation 😕

    and heres the answer to your question: you know its too much when you see this: :mrgreen:

  • The standard papermoon dolls aren’t that great. The Hikari and Chii are OK but that’s about it but the collaborations have some really neat ones which look pretty good, like Sara from Souko no Strain and Ren From Erementar Gerad

    And yes, that figure really is too much! Esp since the face looks rather off!!! Wonder what the buyer was thinking when he placed the bid…

  • I think with every purchase I always say that I’m overboard because I’m losing lots of room fast! But there’s always something out there that’s new. But wow I didn’t even know they made a Sheryl Nome doll. I think I know I’m overboard when I actually get a Dollfie. Right now getting one is out of the question. I don’t have the money nor the room.

    I LOVE THAT MS GIRL BOOK! I must get it!

  • I hear ya on the lack of room space. I’m pretty much there too! Not to mention the kit backlog I still have!!! I would also say that I know I went overboard if I ever bought a dollfie as well. But if the character is right… *shakes head* no, I can’t think like that!
    I was a little lucky with that Sheryl doll. I was considering placing an order for the stage version which is coming out next month and when I contacted tokyohunter (my proxy) to place the order, he mentioned that he had this one and asked if I wanted it. Price was reasonable so I thought “why not?” It wasn’t until I unboxed her that I started thinking “what have I done?”

    As for the MS girls book, You’ll probably have to hit the auction sites for a copy now. I think every retailer has sold out. I ordered mine as soon as I found out it existed via a post on ngee khiong. You don’t often get a “MUST GET” response from me, certainly not from an artbook usually, but this was definitely one of those moments!

  • Lautaro Brizuela

    hello, could you please tellme the ISBN of the two gundam girls artbook and the publisher, i want to see if i can get those in my country. thx in advance

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