Project: Thanatos (Part 2)

Just a quick update this time round as Thanatos is currently disassembled and waiting for a paintjob. The parts have been sanded and washed but I think I’ll try and see if I can take a shortcut and try to apply the paint directly instead of putting on a basecoat. Afterall, the parts are already […]

When is it “too much?”

As collectors, we tend to not think too much about our purchases once they’re done. Afterall, we wanted it so we bought it! But there must be a point where a collector will look at his items and think “Yeah, I think I went overboard!” Not necessarily with the price, but with the actual item. […]

Volks does a surprise announce for Bayonetta at Hobby Round 3!

I don’t think anyone was expecting this but Volks showed off a teaser poster for their next garage kit and it’s going to be everyones favourite sexy glasses wearing, lollipop loving, bullet-time dodging witch with killer hair! BAYONETTA (well, she’s my fave at least. Some of you may prefer Jeanne…)

Details are pretty sparse […]

An Audience with Danny Choo

Yesterday, I was able to meet with world famous blogger Danny Choo while he was doing a talk at his old University while he is in the UK.

The talk was called “Creative Industries in Japan: an audience with Danny Choo” and he basically spoke about how his interest in Japan started, what he did […]

Tomopop Photo Competition: What Toys Are Up To!!

Everyone likes to win stuff, right?

Well, Tomopop are currently holding a little competition which allows you to do just that!! As part of their weekly features the dear head editor writes a post where she shares images of various toys and figures which she has seen (or were shown) around the internet. This time […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 2010

I had almost completely forgotten that a new season of shows was apon us until I saw the wave of first ep reviews and downloads! I had fallen behind on a few of my last shows, and I’ve been catching up on some old stuff so it didn’t register! Still, I guess it’s time for […]