Project: Thanatos

You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson back when I made my very first variable pose GK with my liquidstone Fate T Harlawn. Instead, I’ve plunged into the pit again and purchased 2 kits from the last wonderfestival, both from Persona 3 FES. Well, after putting Sheryl to one side, I […]

Volks Prepainted KOS-MOS has been priced. Not as bad as I feared!!

I hope you KOS-MOS fans have deep wallets…

Hidden in the Volks HobbyRound 3 page we can now find the price for the Prepainted Volks 1/4 scale KOS-MOS which we first saw at Wonderfestival!!

According to the site, she will be retailing at 60,900 yen! Considering that the unpainted kit cost around 50k, this […]

Sheryl on Stage!

OK, I’ll level with you. Technically, this kit is not quite finished yet. If I had to write up a version number, it would be something like 0.95. The problem is that I don’t have the confidence or ideas right now at my current level to do that remaining 0.05. Add to that a certain […]

Project: Galaxy (Part 4)

Ever had that feeling where your goal seems to be further away even as you get closer to it? I’m there right now with Sheryl!

All the parts are painted (OK, the huge bow needs a little more work) but each time I look at her, I keep thinking that I need to do more!!


Mini Review: Heavy Rain

Argh! So close, yet so far!!! I’ve nearly finished painting Sheryl Nome but disaster struck on the final stretch and I’m not happy with how the hair turned out, so I need to formulate a new plan… It also needs a bit of cleanup around certain areas too… You can check her out here and […]

Winter WonderFestival Loot (+ some extras)

Well, I did say that I didn’t buy any of the garage kits I liked at the event but that doesn’t mean that I went away completely empty handed! I made a few orders via tokyohunter, before the event and he managed to get me a few items. And here they are!

They’re a […]