Mini Review: Bioshock 2

After suffering the indignity (and inevitability) of the dreaded RROD on my 360 a couple of weeks ago, I have finally got a replacement! Unfortunately, my old machine wasn’t covered by the extended warranty as it was that damn old but on the plus side, I now own a 360 Elite with the only […]

Volks prepares to release a new KOS-MOS ver 4!

With all that was shown at Wonder Festival a few weeks back, it was easy to miss a few things in amidst all the clutter of awesome GK and the big companies vying for attention. One of those gems was hidden in the Volks booth, next to all their usual wares. Heck, even their most […]

Project: Galaxy (part 3)

I had planned to do a mini-review of Bioshock 2 for this weeks post, but unfortunately my Xbox 360 decided to do the inevitable and gave me a RROD. Damn…

Admittedly, I haven’t been giving Sheryl the time she deserves in order to complete her, but with Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2 and then Bioshock 2 […]

WonderFestival 2010 Winter Garage Kits

I think I’ve collected up enough photos now…

Surprisingly, there were quite a few good kits on show at this years event. A few of which I might even try to obtain at a later event. Unfortunately, buying a new kit right now would be an impossibility but I did get a few things from […]

Dimension Diver Q&A

First a bit of backstory may be in order…

I’ve been chatting to Joseph Tsai, who runs the TokyoHunter Proxy service (the one which offers to get the really cool event exclusives) for a while on stuff outside of simple purchase requests. He’s a really cool and friendly guy and he even gave me a […]

WonderFestival Winter 2010 Preview

With wonderfestival set to occur this weekend, I’m preparing myself for my usual custom of going through large numbers of Japanese sites for event coverage and pics to pick out some of the kits which stand out to me.

Johnson Huang over at Garage Kit Haven has already written up a few posts regarding kits […]