Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Ah, it finally arrived! As a preorder bonus for Bayonetta, one UK store offered a free replica scarborough fair gun to those who preordered the game with them. Having bought the “witch of vigrid” artbook and not being too fussed on the limited OST they provided as part of the “climax edition” of the game, […]

Volks 1/4 Ayane, Now in COLOUR!!!

Man, that took them long enough! Volks have just updated their figures page with colour pics of their 1/4 scale Ayane from ninja gaiden Sigma 2!!

And I’m left with a bit of a “meh” feeling, much like how she was when the kit was lacking colour. It’s still not a bad kit, but […]

Creating distortions in the gunpla world

Right, I think I’ve spent enough time procrastinating over this post, but it’s still not an easy one to write up. But for this week, I’m posting up my PG 00 Gundam!

First of all, I have to warn everyone that my PG 00 gundam is currently residing in South Wales, away from my […]

Mini Review: Bayonetta

Come back later… Still playing!

What, it’s Wednesday? Oh, all right…

Well, I finally got it. After waiting several weeks after it’s initial intended launch date, Bayonetta was finally released on the first week of 2010! Lord knows why Sega thought that it would sell better on such a dead week compared to going […]

Anime Roundup: Winter 08/09

Bet you were expecting my PG 00 Gundam, right?

Well, it is now completed but it looks like it’s going to be a rather big post so I need more time to sort things out. It’s probably going to end up being a little contravertial as well… Expect to see it soon, that is unless […]

Nothing to see here!

Another year, another momotato style roundup! Here we go!!!

Top Shows of 2009!

I really wanted to put in Eden of the East in there as well as I thought that was a great show, but since it didn’t end and we still have to wait for a conclusion, it didn’t […]