Volks Hobbyround 2: eyes bulging, eyebrows raised and groin kicked… HARD!!!

Volks held their Hobbyround 2 event on Sunday and akibahobby has a report up, with others sure to follow.

Being a Volks organised show, it wasn’t a huge event but there were some interesting announcements.

Firstly, the event showed off the first figures for a relatively new title called baldr sky. It’s a sci-fi H-game […]

Probable Hiatus, But first…

Bit of a long story cut short. Back in May, I somehow managed to injure my right wrist. The details are unknown but it had something to do with kendo and not stereotypical joke response most of you are thinking right about now!!!

In any case, the doctor has done all the scans and stuff […]

Target, Locked on!!

And so, my next painting project is now completed, and in pretty rapid fashion too! Here’s Yoko, vs Tepparin version!

The build went very smoothly with very little pain but then I was comparing it to my other most recent work, the KoG. Only 2 annoyances turned up. 1) I had finished painting the […]

Take on the world with Gunpla!!!

Bit of a late post but I was too lazy to do it yesterday and most visitors have probably read it over at dannys’ site anyway but for the rest of you…

Bandai, in conjunction with AFA and Dannychoo are holding a gunpla competition. Nothing particularly special as gunpla competitions are held regionally all […]