Volks Garage Kit Avalanche

Volks have certainly been busy for GK builders, showing off no less than 8 new kits on their figure page!! 3 of them are from galges which I am unfamiliar with so I’ll skip over those (tho I also did that with Sylvia Van Hossen from Princess Lover, but now I kinda want her…). No, this is not an attempt to hide the fact that my yoko hasn’t made much progress this week… orz

Out of the rest, there are a few new ones and some familiar faces. The first, I think needs no introduction…

Click on the pics to go to the Volks page for the figure. Fantastic colour pics have been uploaded today after making us stare at the grey prototypes for what feels like months! Details are still the same, She’s an event exclusive 1/4 scale figure being sold at 2 events, Chara Hobby at the end of this month and Hobby Round 2 near the end of september for a pantwetting price of 50,050 yen!!! You could buy a limited edition character dollfie for that!!!!

Next up we have the next TRY-GK garage kit. And it’s… Yoko, Again.

Admittedly, this one is a little special. She’s a limited edition variant from her other Try-GK model based on the Kirameki yoko: Pieces of sweet StarS PV which was released a while back.

Not entirely sure which costume she’s based on from the video. Looks more like a mashup of several, but I won’t be chasing this up for 3 reasons. Firstly, I think I have enough Yoko GK. The kit gives off the same feeling as the song for me. Nice to listen to but it’s not going to make me rush out and get it.
Secondly, When I say limited, I mean it!! Someone will need to check my translating, but I believe that to order her, you need to physically go to a volks showroom and register your interest!!! Not likely to happen for me.
Thirdly, I have a slight aversion to guitars in my kits ever since bunny haruhi. Especially when you have to put the strings on yourself!! Only 2 things have driven me to near the point of tears when building any kind of model kit. The first was the Perfect Grade Evangelion unit 1 (If you own 1, you know why!!!!) and the second was The guitar for my bunny haruhi. I would rather not have to go through that again!!!!

Next up is the kit which is vying for my attention with KOSMOS. This is the Schelptor from the Five star stories!

Admittedly, the Schelptor isn’t one of my absolute favourite Mortar Heads from the Five Star Stories. Those would be the Knight of Gold Lachesis (which I already have and will probably do another variant in the future as it’s my #1 fave), The LED Mirage (particularly the Babiron variant), Jagd Mirage and the Yen Xing Machine messiah.

Schelptor would be in the next rank, alongside the empress and Engage Octavier SR1. (confused? Gears Online have a nice collection of mortar head pics so you can check them out to find out what they all look like).
The kit is another Chara hobby exclusive, but at a less scary price of 20,000 yen. Currently, I’m deciding on either getting this and forgetting about KOSMOS, or abandon getting Schelptor and saving up for KOSMOS at the September event. What do the readers think I should do?

Hmm, Mecha vs Mecha-Girl…

Anyway, on with the remaining 2 kits, which are both from the King Of Fighters series of beat-em-ups. Both are characters which have been added to the home versions of the latest game, KOF XII.

First up, there’s Elizabeth Blanctorche

She was first introduced in KOF XI and I can’t say that I was particularly fond of her (or the game as a whole) but this kit isn’t too bad. Doubt I’ll get her tho.

The final kit is actually of one of my fave KOF character designs. Mature!!!

This kit is based off her KOF 2002 design, which is a good thing as she’s only been in 4 games thus far, KOF 96,98, 2002 and Neowave. And the last 3 are “Dream matches” where all kind of characters get thrown in for no reason whatsoever and don’t follow the KOF storyline!

In any case, it’s much better than her XII design where she sports an eyepatch. I’m a little tempted by this number but I will probably pass due to lack of funds.

Both Ladies will be sold exclusively at Hobby round 2 along with KOSMOS at a price of 10,500 yen each.

Now that I look at it, a lot of these are exclusives…

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  • Wow, that KOS-MOS is so beautiful, I’m not really a fan of VOLKS sculpts, but that’s a really amazing kit. Yoko is pretty cute too.

  • I echo Marshmallow, that KOS-MOS is so beautiful! Wish I had the money and means of getting her…


  • Aim for the KOSMOS!!! 50,000 yen omg… Not really a fan of 5 stars stories but the gold colour really nice! I wish other figurines like revoltech can improve their paint job >___<

  • Mature was really bad ass in Kof, love her special move when she slams the opponent to the wall like Rugal. Great to see her back in the latest KOF. Probably might get that for my PS3 ^^. I’ll pick Mecha over Mecha girl 😆 Cheers

  • i’d go kos-mos all the way, but that’s just me not being familiar with the rest and deprioritizing yoko being satisfied with alter 😛

    for the yoko kit i thought 「方法は2通り」 meant, “2 ways”/”2 methods for” rather than 2 steps to follow for registration… not sure if that made the second option any more viable though… something about sending money to some address?

    happy spending! looking forward to whatever you end up with 😛

  • Well, it looks like KOSMOS has the overwhelming majority of votes!!! Damn, my Bank balance! Sorry Panther, but it looks like your waifu is going to be leaving you, mwahahaha!
    But then, what if volks decide to release a KOSMOS dollfie or, even worse, a Sheryl Nome Dollfie!!??!! If there’s 1 character who could break my anti-dollfie barrier, it’s Sheryl…
    Well, I have a month to get things in order. Gonna try for the Hobby round 2 batch and buy via tokyohunter.

    @Chubbybots: Yeah, Mature is a fun character to use, tho I only played as her in 2002 and Neowave. I keep hearing not so great things about KOFXII so I might skip it.

    @Meronpan: Yeah, the second one didn’t make much sense to me either, which is why I thought it might be a 2 step process. Just so i can make it sound a little more understandable. It does say HJ limited at the top so maybe you have to collect tickets in hobby japan issues to get her, which then opens up a massive can of worms, like when they offered ignis the black!!

  • Q

    Wow, KOS-MOS, just wow. Price, size, quality and the look, and it’s a kit!

    Haven’t played KOF series since KOF2000. Interesting to know that Mature is your favourite; her moves surely are impressive with those Orochi blood. Too bad she had to be killed off by Iori in the lore.

  • Indeed. Vice and mature lasted 1 whole game before being killed off. Tho I guess the same could be said about the orochi team as well.
    Well, it’s only really her design which I love, although I do use her as a character in 2002 and neowave. Her KOFXII version seems to have the same moves but minus the orochi flame so I think I might be able to adapt if I ever get the game (but if I did, the only 3 characters I can use are terry, athena and mature…) but the design isn’t quite as good. Not a fan of the eyepatch so I would get the 2002 kit if (and it’s a big if) I have the funds for her.
    Alot of members spend a load of dollfies, I spend the same on GK!!!

  • Can’t say they don’t look great, especially considering the relative ease of assemblig actually good quality resin kits. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to build anything these days >_<

    • Sometimes I wonder how I find the time to do my stuff as well. Mostly, it’s at the weekends when I clear my schedule and make sure I don’t have anything else to do, but I’m sure I cut back on sleep for these things subconsciously too…

  • kizo.

    Is Kos-mos your most expensive figure ever? xD

  • @kizo: actually, if I manage to get an original, no KOSMOS will not be the most expensive figure in my collection. That honour will still be with my Bunny Haruhi kit which I bought in summer 07. The one from BUBBA.
    I doubt anything will be able to pry that title from her, except maybe something from studio halfeye…

  • Kizo. . .

    That’s cool.^^ BUBBA has some of the best figures ever. xD

    Hope you can get it! I think Hobbyfan/E2046 have the Kos-mos recast version, but the original one will always be better than some knockoff recasts.

  • Quality-wise, by the end of the project, it should be hard to distinguish between the 2. it’s mostly down to the work required when the main differences become apparent.

    At the moment, I’m leaning towards official but then I have to say goodbye to the KoF mature figure (or get a recast of her if she doesn’t show up later)
    My heart and mind are satisfied with that but my gut and wallet are not!!

  • curios george

    hey just wondering, and yes i am a noob at resin kits, but yea just wanted to ask if volks’ resin come with the apint and colors or do i have to go buy some when i decide to build a gk?

  • Fraid not. All resin kits come with just the parts of the kit, and a set of instructions on how they all fit. Most of the time, they’ll add a colour photo but not always.

    Some kits from companies like volks will also give you a colour chart so you know what to get but you have to provide the paints and tools yourself.

  • curios george

    Wat type of paint would be good?

  • That’s up to the person painting the kit. Kit builders tend to stick to either Acrylic, enamel or Laqueur paints.

    Personally, I use almost exclusively acrylic but others, like GameraBaenrae, I think stick with enamels mostly.

  • OMG i want that KOSMOS , it looks really great.
    i wonder anyone make a custom figure ,
    that schpertor is good too , how big is that thing?

    • if the schelptor is anything like the size of my KoG (same scale afterall), you’re looking at around 20~25cm standing.

      and KOSMOS has come and gone. There are a few floating around auction sites, but be prepared to pay in excess of 80k yen for one. which is extortionate!! And I am more than a little pissed at the whole debacle…

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