Project: Y (Vs Tepparin) Part 2

Ugh, I had originally planned to have finished all the painting by now so I could focus on the finishing touches but alas it was not to be. But it’s not like I haven’t done *anything*

See? The eyes and rifle are now completed and the shading has been done, so no more airbrush work. All that’s left are the bikini and minor details like the skull emblem on her head. Then I can focus on the extras I’m going to throw in.
One thing of note is that I replaced the peg on the right wrist (the one which holds the rifle) with a set of magnets, taking a page from Gamera Baenrae!

During the build process, I realized that, unless something was done, it would be almost impossible to move the figure around without extreme risk of damaging or breaking the rifle due to it’s position. So if I needed to pack it in a box for whatever reason, such as moving long distances or because I sold it to someone (HAH! Yeah right, who would buy one?) then the rifle could easily break and make for a very difficult repair job. So I added magnets to the wrist to make it easily removable. The small brass rod you may or may not see in the pic above is there to make sure the wrist doesn’t move too much. The magnets aren’t very good at withstanding rotational force so the hand can twist into all kinds of dodgy angles if you let it.

And for a final pic, here’s fraulein yoko trying to protect her big sisters modesty while her bikini top is off being painted.

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