Volks Garage Kit Avalanche

Volks have certainly been busy for GK builders, showing off no less than 8 new kits on their figure page!! 3 of them are from galges which I am unfamiliar with so I’ll skip over those (tho I also did that with Sylvia Van Hossen from Princess Lover, but now I kinda want her…). No, […]

Project: Y (Vs Tepparin) Part 2

Ugh, I had originally planned to have finished all the painting by now so I could focus on the finishing touches but alas it was not to be. But it’s not like I haven’t done *anything*

See? The eyes and rifle are now completed and the shading has been done, so no more airbrush […]

perfect grade gundam news!!

I swear, perfect grade gundam kits are like buses, you wait years for a new one and the 2 come in the space of a few months!!!

The next gundam to get the pg treatment is the 00 gundam. This news is kinda old but now, we have some solid info courtesy of ngee khiong


Project: Y (Vs Tepparin)

December 2007. That’s when I bought this kit, alongside my previous Yoko kit and it’s been sitting in my “to do” pile since then. But no longer!!!

Looking back, I think I should have done this one first instead of my “vs Antispiral” version as there have been several other kits depicting the exact […]

Gamescom conferences: sony & microsoft

Thought I would do a quick writeup regarding the announcements made at the former leizpig convention. The big announcements all came yesterday from Sony but then Microsoft did say that they weren’t going to treat this event in the same way as E3 or TGS. Ninty just snubbed the event, like their gamers.

So, what […]

Justice is Served!

A short while after completing my Knight of Gold, I thought I would start cracking on a MG kit in my “to do” pile before going back to a resin figure. Initially, I was going to do unicorn, seeing as it’s the oldest one in the pile, but after seeing several Unicorn gundams being entered […]

Mini Review: Fat Princess!!

Bit of a lazy post this week because… well, touhou (Damn you, Meronpan!!!) and this game (mostly this game) have eaten into my time. I have been waiting for this PSN downloadable title since it was announced at E3 last year so I was really hoping that it was worth the wait, esp since […]