Everything that has a Beginning…

has an End. It even rings true with this number. After all this time, I can’t believe that I’ve finished it. After over a year (2 if you count it from the first time I started pinning) of limbo, 2 false starts and 1 instance of running out of paint, I have finally, FINALLY finished […]

WonderFestival Summer 09 Garage kits!

It took me a while to trawl through various japanese blog posts about wonfest to pick up a few interesting Garage kits.

Danny Choo has a pretty comprehensive list of sites worth checking out but the ones I mostly used were plusalpha & No name for that page but it has a really comprehensive […]

The next Volks Try-GK kit is… YOKO!!!

The volks website is now accepting orders for the next kit in their Try GK line after their wonderful Saber, and it’s Yoko Rittoner (vs antispiral version)!!!

Oh god, that kit looks lovely, but I already have the Kotobukiya Yoko kit from 2007. I really can’t get this one without breaking one of my […]

Highway to the Danger Zone

This one has been a long time coming but I’ve been sidetracked by other things (read: too lazy) so I haven’t been able to dedicate a post to it till now. Say hello, to the SV-51 Gamma “nora type” from Macross Zero. The show eventually turned out pretty crap after an amazing first few eps […]

WonderFestival Summer 09 Preview

With Wonderfestival only being a week or so away, we’re getting a glimpse of what will be available to view (and hopefully buy) at the event in terms of garage kits. The FG boards especially, have been abuzz with scratchbuilt works tagged WF, which indicates that they should, hopefully appear in some form at the […]


Say hello to three-tan, star of her own 4-koma manga drawn by web artist Ika. More interesting is that her comic has now been translated and is available on the Apple appstore under the name PS Triple!!

The basic premise is that the current generation of consoles have now been moe-fied and are represented […]

Project: KoG (Part 3)

Ah, the post this week has a certain level of sweetness to it. For I have made further progression on my on/off/on again Knight of Gold Garage kit!!! The last time I did an update on this number was back in august last year, so it’s been dormant for a year!!! For those not in […]

Valkyria chronicles 2!! It’s happening

A recent article in famitsu points to a sequel to the brilliant valkyria chronicles! Dubbed valkyria chronicles 2: the Gallian royal academy, the game is slated for a winter release on The PSP.

Given the almost cult like following the game has obtained and the fact that it has an anime series running at […]

Anime Roundup: Summer 09

Another Season of anime is upon us, so I guess it’s time to look back at what I watched and what there is to look forward to this season. Being summer, there’s a considerably smaller number of new shows this time around but a lot of carry-overs from the spring season. Anyways, looking back at […]

Volks Saber GET!!!

I’m probably the last person to use up his/her prize from the the Dannychoo “your room” giveaway but at last, my prize has arrived!!! The saber Resin kit from volks!!!

Many, many thanks to Johnson Huang over at Garage Kit Heaven for posting abour her when the preorders came up. Had it not been for […]