Project: D3 (part 3)

Bit late for this weeks post. I’ll think of an excuse later…

But for now, I thought I would put in a progress report for mirei-san and her legs, seeing as it’s been quite a while since I last posted her, not that a huge amount of progress has been achieved…
Ghostbusters: the video game has also been taking up my time so expect a review of that soon as well as the new anime season post.

for now, here’s mirei!!

Not much to discuss really as it’s now more about refinement than making massive steps forward. Most of the time has been spent scraping excess putty off the legs and trying to make them a little more shapely. Previously, I was more concerned about just getting a very basic shape and getting her to stand.

I’ve also permanently glued a small metal rod to her right leg (the straight one) as I think the next stage will be to smooth out the leg itself and the connection between it and the original model. I can’t use the original rod I had when I made the basic sculpt for reasons I will get into in a bit…

I ended up scraping a lot of the sculpey off using my modelling knife and cutters as fairly large chunks had to be taken off and sandpaper was not up to the task. This is a pic of the right leg. You can see that it was initially quite chunky. The black lines were things I drew on the leg as a marker to give me an idea of what I wanted it to look like. (I also took time to shape the shoes as well!)

Shaving off the sculpey didn’t go very smoothly tho.

Had to happen, really. I eventually took so much off, that the area where the metal rod, which acted as a skeleton of sorts when the sculpey wasn’t cooked, was exposed! After I was done shaving off the parts, that needed to be filled.

Like so. I had some Games workshop Green putty left and decided to use that as it’s sticky adhesive quality was better suited for a job like this while milliput is better for covering gaps in resin kits.
The short rod in the main body now means that I can easily take the leg on and off for work and it will hold itself in place, unlike the left leg which needs to be held in place.

The right leg still needs quite a bit of work, even though it’s closer to it’s proper shape than the left was. In fact, I used it for scale purposes. But the upper thigh, especially, is still a little too wide, though the lower leg is pretty decent.

See what I mean? The shoes are also currently very angular as I haven’t been able to smooth them to a more rounded shape yet. Something else to do…

More annoyingly however, is the fact that the removal of so much mass from the legs has adversely affected the weight distribution of mirei-san so she can no longer stand on her own!! Looks like a stand and a few brass rods to pin her in place will be in order… *sigh*
If it looks like Mirei is leaning forward, it’s because she is. I’ve made it that way to make the leg lengths look a little more uniform (bit of an optical illusion). Did it work?

You can clearly see more of the scratch areas where mass has been removed from the rear. The fit isn’t too great between the legs and the original model tho, so I’ll need to sort that out.

Hopefully, I can get this little number cleared soon. At least I can hope that the next update isn’t going to take 2 months!! I’m really starting to miss the good old resin kit building and painting…
Ghostbusters review next week, most likely!

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  • Thats some pretty awesome scratch, despite its harder to remodel human limnbs^^;

    • Definitely true! When I started, I thought that it would be pretty easy since I always thought that details such as the face would be the hardest and, with legs, I don’t have to worry about any digits to sculpt so it would be a smooth process.
      How wrong was I?
      Well, that’s any plans to make a full scratch build thrown out the window!!! But I will finish Mirei-san, no matter what!!!

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