E3 2009: Nintendo Keynote Speech

Gah, Who thought it would be a good idea to put 2 of the main keynotes on the same day?
Next up, Nintendo!

Ninty have a lot to prove this time around, esp after their disastrous showing last year which was summed up very neatly by penny arcade using a single panel depicting reggie simply saying “we are rich as FUCK! Here’s crap you don’t care about”
Wii sales are slowing across the board as well so you would expect nintendo to be delivering something with substance and perhaps even games to grab the consumers attention. Yeah…

Anyway, here are the main points of the keynote:

  • Wiifit Plus – I refuse to even acknowledge the existance of wiifit so this goes into the bin for me.
  • New Super Mario Bros for wii – 2D platformer with up to 4 players simultaneously. They can help or hinder eachother, so basically LittleBigPlanet with mario characters and minus the user generated content! woo…
  • Golden sun DS – Might be worth a gander. Moreso than a lot of the other DS games announced…
  • Warioware DIY – Make your own Warioware levels!! yay!!! DSi Store only. BOO!!!!!!
  • Wii Vitality sensor – Apparently it reads your pulse… WTF???
  • Super mario Galaxy 2 – Short vid showing pretty much more of the same. Expect in in 2010
  • Metroid: Other M – Developed by team ninja apparently. The only good announcement for me as I love metroid, tho the later prime games were vastly inferior

Overall: C-

Reading through the eurogamer liveblog, I was actually pitying the poor saps who had to sit through that as part of their jobs! To be fair, this is from a gamers point of view and if it isn’t clear enough yet, nintendo don’t care about us!!! At least it was better than last year and actually had GAMES!!!
I would say that the nintendo train is long out of fuel but it doesn’t matter as the userbase will prop them up regardless as they have a massive number of people who don’t pay attention to this stuff. WiiFit plus will still sell like it’s going out of fashion and the consoles will continue to print money for ninty.

Doesn’t change the fact that the announcements were pretty LAME (save for metroid but that alone can’t save this poor showing)!!!

Final one next: Sony…

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