You got THE TOUCH!

Did you understand the significance of the post title? Did it make you grin and cringe in equal measure at the 80s Cheese rock it represents? If it did, then this post is for you guys! It also gives me a chance to show that I’m not all about anime and video games!

2 years […]

Project: D3 (part 3)

Bit late for this weeks post. I’ll think of an excuse later…

But for now, I thought I would put in a progress report for mirei-san and her legs, seeing as it’s been quite a while since I last posted her, not that a huge amount of progress […]

FG board, testing me in many ways!

A recent post over at showed me to FG (litterally, that’s what it’s called! Shortened from figure, no doubt) a Japanese board which modellers show off their collection. After having a look around and being thoroughly impressed with some of the stuff there, I made an account!

It’s similar to the tsukiboard site […]

Waiting for “Eternity”

A quick comment before we start, it seems that my previous post on Amane Shiratori really went down a storm as it attracted the largest number of hits for a single post in a single week since, EVER (over twice as much as any other post)!!! Because of this, I felt that I should say […]

Naughty… and nice?

Back when I received my Figma Saber lily, some regular readers may remember that this little box also came with her.

Well, I think it’s about time to show what’s inside the box…


Amane Shiratori!!!!!!

Now, I have to go through 2 things. Firstly, from this point on, consider EVERYTHING to be […]

New Page: Future Projects

Doubt anyone noticed, but I have added an extra page to the blog. You can access it from the buttons at the top of the page or on the right sidebar. No prizes for guessing what it’s called!!

The main point of this page is for my benefit as it gives me a 1 stop […]

The ultimate gunpla

The news of the giant 1/1 scale gundam being constructed in Odaiba for the 30th anniversary of the franchise has been going through the rounds for a while. Dannychoo, kotaku, japanator and even destructoid have shown it in various stages of it’s build. And here it is now, in it’s near complete splendor. I Think […]

E3 2009: Sony Keynote speech

And here we are after a little delay, and all I can say is wow… I missed a lot while I was out!

I was pretty much ready to write the sony keynote off after the PSP GO was announced. Surely that was supposed to be THE major announcement of the talk! Well, yes […]

E3 2009: Nintendo Keynote Speech

Gah, Who thought it would be a good idea to put 2 of the main keynotes on the same day? Next up, Nintendo!

Ninty have a lot to prove this time around, esp after their disastrous showing last year which was summed up very neatly by penny arcade using a single panel depicting reggie […]


Well, after all that talk of messing around with themes, I found a decent enough 3 column theme and thought I would try it out for a little while.

This new look should be temporary and I’ll be using it for a few weeks just to see how it feels and we’ll see how […]