Tatsunoko vs Capcom is coming to the west

Kinda old news now it may be of interest to some people. Capcom has confirmed that the latest game in their vs series, tatsunoko vs capcom will be given a western (that’s US and euro) release and will be shown at E3.

A rather bold move considering I reckon very few people will know of the tatsunoko characters, save for Karas and Gatchaman (or battle of the planets/G-force). Heck, I consider myself better versed in older animes and I didn’t know all of them. Though I did know yatterman, Doronbo, Space knight Tekkaman, casshern and Gold Lightan!!
And the game also doesn’t support online multiplayer, at least not yet (and it’s not confirmed that it will in the final build)

As for me, I’m pretty non-plussed about the announcement, having played the original japanese version and being rather unimpressed. Also, the controllers were all terrible. I used the Gamecube controller since you cannot play the game using a wiimote and it was just plain bad!!
The game also lacks the general OTT factor seen in the marvel vs capcom series. although some rather ridiculous combos are still possible, and the game should be praised for having the first original morrigan sprite for over a DECADE!!!
In any case, I was left disappointed by the japanese game so I won’t be losing any sleep over this announcement, but maybe this bit of news has excited some people out there.

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