Project: D3 (part 2)

And now for a little progress update!!

When we last left Mirei, I had just given her a basic “skeleton” to work on. After that, it was a matter of applying material in order to flesh out the legs.

The material used was Super sculpey, A type of modelling clay which has the cohesiveness […]

Capcom Fighting Double Whammy!

I really should have posted this yesterday but, well…

Anyway Capcom have finally announced that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 will be released in the summer on XBLA and PSN. Everyone knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. I’ll also admit that I am not a huge fan of MvC2 *dodges […]

Welcome to my FanClub’s Night! SOS!!

Sheryl Nome welcomes one and all to the new home of “Through the Looking Glass”!!!

The blog is currently fully functional but not yet complete. But it should be all sorted within the coming days. Many thanks again to 7, for providing the hosting. If there are any issues or broken links, please don’t […]

I’m on the Highway to Hell!!

The problem with sticking to a mostly 1-post-per-week format, primarily to try and ensure a fairly regular update pattern, is that one can easily end up with a considerable backlist of figures which are “forgotten” in the sense that they don’t get a chance to go on the blog.

This can be OK if the […]

Anime Roundup: Spring 09

Is it that time already? Well, since I’m away from all my major systems for a while I actually have the time to sit down and do one of these roundups, otherwise I would be hitting valkyria chronicles like crack in preparation for the DLC which is released very soon!! But I should spend a […]

Genuine Suddenly Aquired Models! (SAMS… Wait, that sounds wrong)

And, truth be told, one was completely expected. But the past week has been pretty good for my model collection (and not so good for my “to do” pile). The end of last week saw the delivery of my Limited edition TriggerHeart Exelica Enhanced for the PS2, so you know what that means…

Nendoroid […]

Project: D3 (part 1)

And now back to our regularly scheduled posts.

After a flurry of games reviews, it’s time to get back to what this blog was initially set up for, the Model kits!! And it’s not like I’ve been lazy while playing hours of Streetfighter 4 and Resi 5. Some of you may remember my little purchase […]

Holy Crap!!! I won something!!!

Actually, not technically true, I was one of the 10 runners up for the Giveaway competition at The competition was to show off our rooms and see who had the most Otaku room.

The eventual winner was LightningSabre and I have to say that it was a deserved win for he went to places […]

Go! Gaiking the Great!!!

As well as producing the exceptionally desirable (at least for me) perfect change dangaioh, Studio halfeye have also been releasing other mecha figures with obscene pricetags. Their first one was the perfect change Getter Robo and, more recently, they have been working on the 3 main Mecha from the Remake series Gaiking: Legend of Daikyu […]

Playing your Trump Card

She’s finally finished. The last bits were only really minor (just a few really small detailing and panel lines) but I didn’t want to do a photoshoot until everything was complete. But here it is. After over a year since I actually purchased it, here’s ALTEISEN!!!

This one is the 1/100 scale model kit […]