Mini Review: Resident Evil 5

This will be the last one for a while, Honest (unless Madworld turns out to be super amazing. Poor thing, a game for the wii “gamers” and not selling well at all. Then there’s the attack from some old fogey group who lamented it’s release as showing that nintendo are abandoning their “family machine” status…)


Project: Old Iron

It seems that I’m spurred on to build my outstanding mecha kits whenever I’m about to receive a new one. Destiny was built because Infinite justice arrived (and I still need to build one) and now, as I await the arrival of my VF-25 Alto Custom with Sheryl Nome decals, I have started work on […]

Mini Review: Killzone 2

And so it’s finally here after years of hype, that disasterous first showing at E3 and a lot to answer. Sony are still looking for the next big exclusive which will shift consoles. The last one was Metal Gear Solid 4 last year. LittleBigPlanet, for all it’s critical acclaim, solid fanbase and stable sales, […]

Specialist Publications

Question: How do you keep up to date with figure releases and event news?

I have a feeling that the answer for most people is by reading pages such as Dannychoo or specific forum pages. But I’m sure there are a few who buy japanese magazines to get their fix. The most prominent of which […]