Devilishly Desirable Debutante

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a fan of Shunya Yamashita. While his artworks and sculpted works are somewhat pleasing to the eye, none have ever really grabbed my attention. Except 1…

And that 1 was Mirei-san. I’m not sure if it was because of the whole executive look or the ridiculously sexy […]

new “help” page

Quick post this time round. I’ve been asked questions regarding how to build figures both from this blog and other communities for quite some time so I thought I would try and help people out by putting up a quick “help” section on the blog. Eagle eyed readers may notice that there’s a new page […]

Project: Lucky Star (the rest) part 2

Just a minor update for this week to show that Konata and Tsukasa are making progress.

As they are similar in look to Kagami, a lot of the problems faced thus far are the same as the ones I faced with Kagami, and they managed to throw in a few new tricks in there […]

Waking the sleeping Dragon

For those who have been collecting Gunpla for a while, you may remember that bandai had an extra line of models above the master grade. Called the Perfect grade, this small number of kits were the cream of the crop in terms of gunpla. 1/60 scale and with a level of detail and poseability which […]

purity of form, purity of soul

The thing about limited editions are that, although they are highly sought after initially, they have a very definite “sell-by-date.” Initially, such items can be highly sought after and those who own them and are willing to part with them can command prices which are far higher than the initial price.

However, wait too long […]

Once more, into the Fray!!

SRW games are released almost like clockwork with at least 1 title a year. It’s almost like the FIFA of Strategy RPGs, it gets an update every year and still everyone buys it, despite being pretty much the same as before. Nobody complains about the annual FIFA game, and it’s the same for SRW. And […]

Project: Lucky Star (the rest)

With Kagami out the way, next on my list are 2 of the remaining stooges, Konata and Tsukasa!

This was the prebuild pic, before I started sanding the parts down and priming. The good thing is that Tsukasa looks to be the same scale as my Kagami, unfortuately, that doesn’t seem to be the […]

Anime Roundup: Winter 08/09

And so another season is apon us so I’m taking this chance to choose my best and worst shows of last season as well as see what there is to look forward to. A few of these shows have already popped up in my new years post so there’s going to be a bit of […]

Hands on: Windows 7

As many of you will already know, the public beta of windows 7 was “leaked” recently and I I decided to take the plunge and try it out. At the moment, I’m using it as my main OS but I also still have my XP partition so I can flip back at any time […]

Just another update.

I thought that, since it was the new year, I would do a post rating my best 5 shows of the last year, as well as some other bits of news. In the interest of fairness, I also included this seasons show, even if they didn’t finish. They’ll show up for the next seasons preview […]