Project: 00 nothing

Just a quick post to keep myself posting regularly.

Just going to show off my chistmas gift this year and a bit of a progress report. I’ve been working on it for a few days already and am about half way done. But at thus stage I would say that “disappointment” would be the most […]

Santa Claus will gun you right down!!

*whew* made it (tho truth be told, she was finished on Sunday and some of the regular visitors have already had a sneak peek). Here’s my festive project and, probably the last one I will do in 2009, Santa Hoihoi!!

I have read the manga, Watched the OVA and played the game (yes, there […]

Volks 1/4 Ayane prototype revealed!!!

A link to 2chan provided by member, chuachuram provided a little fun today in the form of the first pic I have seen of the 1/4 scale Ayane kit from volks, sculpted by Chorosuke.

There are still no pics on the volks site (I think they’re going straight for the colour shots) but for […]

Murder on the Dance floor (Beta version)

…Well that didn’t go well. I had hoped to have completed Hoihoi by now in time for Christmas but I had a little… mishap. I’m still pretty sure that I will be able to finish her in time for next weeks post and unveiling, in fact, she’s pretty far along but not at a stage […]

Project: Galaxy (Part 2)

Never underestimate how crushing it is to have to do the same monotonous tasks over and over again… But at least there has been some progress with Sheryl since the last post. Her main parts are closely edging towards being ready to be painted, but there’s still a while to go yet.

Here’s how […]

Small Soldier!

Seems every year around this time, I get into a melancholic mood and have difficulty building the drive to build my GK. The lack of sunlight doesn’t really help much either as it makes it harder to find the time to do the priming, which is where Sheryl is at right now…

But I guess […]

Chorosuke X Ninja Gaiden = ???

Looks like the next volks GK to be made after the Toushin Toushi 3 kits has been announced on their site!! Well, sorta…

Looks like we’re going to be treated to a kit of Ayane, best known for her role in the Dead or alive games, but in this case, it seems that it […]

Being Led Astray

Spending time In South Wales does have some advantages. Since there’s pretty much nothing to do there, it’s easy for me to pick up old kits which I have had for ages and actually put them together, like this little number!

I finally took the time to put together an OOB build of my […]

Mini Review: Modern Warfare 2

OK, so it’s a bit of a cop-out post this week but I’ve been playing this and borderlands so much since it was released that, to escape it, I locked up my Xbox 360 and relocated myself 200 miles away!!! So I’m in Wales now, where there’s nothing to do except watch TV (which […]

Project: Galaxy (part 1)

I know you’re all waiting for me to start work on my volks KOSMOS but, unfortunately, until I get the replacement parts needed to complete her, she’s in cold storage!

which means I can try and focus attention on my current project, which was on hiatus until a few weeks ago due to my wrist […]