Figma Vs Fraulein!!!!

I promised to do one of these comparison posts since I bought my first figmas several months ago! I think the only thing which surprises me more than how long it took me to write this post is the fact that, as far as I can tell, nobody else has even tried to do the […]

The Legends will Never Die.

I had planned to do a full figma Vs Fraulein post for a while now, but it wasn’t until I was reminded that Fate/unlimited codes will be coming in a few weeks (along with Saber Lily) that I realised that I should really get on with it, but before I progress with the comparison, it […]

Mini Review: Mirrors Edge

With all these video game posts recently, I’m starting to wonder if this blog is going to turn into one about games reviews instead of Figures!!

In my defence, this period has been really crammed full of interesting and great games, which is surprising considering this time last year was rather lacking in titles for […]

The New Xbox Live Experience!

I think everyone who owns an Xbox will be going through their forced mandatory upgrade within a few hours of this post so there’s no real escaping it.

Today, Microsoft has launched the NXE, or new Xbox experience, a complete overhaul of the main Xbox interface designed to make it less cluttered, more intuitive and […]

Choose your Destiny

I actually had this all prepared last week and was going to do a double post with the Valkyria chronicles review but various the DNS problem and various other things got in the way.

So here it is, a week late but still kicking. Here’s Destiny Gundam!

Rather embarrassingly, I bought this kit when […]

Mini Review: Valkyria Chronicles

Firstly, I suppose I have 2 apologies to make. The first one is to say sorry about the late post. Unfortunately, that’s not much I can do about that one as it’s down to my ISP having some flakey DNS server issues for the last week. looks to be ongoing too…

The second apology is […]