Eurogamer Expo 2008

So I went to the Eurogamer Expo held at the old brewery in London as part of a small group of friends and had a go on a fair few games which are due for release soon. In some ways, it was similar to the live event I went to a while back, […]

Mini Review: Super Robot Taisen Z

I was meant to have up a review for this game last week but shirley was finished and I think people are more interested in my figures than opinion on video games… Besides, 2 reviews in 2 weeks may have been a bit much.

But in any case, the extra time allowed me to get […]

Ashford Academy welcomes you!!

As does the School swimming team member, Shirley Fenette!!!

Those of you who have been following her progress regularly may have noted that her progress went in quite steep jumps and this post is no exception. From just a completed base to a completed figure in 2 weeks. It would have been sooner but […]

Mini Review: Macross Ace Frontier

I’ve had a few games which have been eating up my time (well, competing with shirley for my attention at least) and so I thought I would post a few thoughts on the games. SRWZ is the other one but for now (until I get further into Z), I have decided to review Macross Ace […]

The (very) thin grey line.

Recently I have seen several people (mostly on showing off their very first painted resin kit projects and have met others who are genuinely interested in trying one for themselves. I think it’s great that others are trying this rather niche hobby out but one thing which props up quite regularly is the question […]

Anime Roundup (Autumn 08)

Another season, another batch of shows. The autumn is usually one of the bigger seasons since it comes off the back of several 26 ep shows as well as the standard 13 ep fares so there are quite a few shows compared to the last roundup.

But as always, I’ll do a quick rating of […]

Project: Shirley (part 1)

I wasn’t planning on doing the grand unveil but since Yik outed it in the last post after I told him about it in person, I didn’t see the point of holding it back. Here’s what the finished base after some serious bits of work…

And here’s the figure that will go with it!