Project: ???

Just a quick update for today. I thought I would share my progress on my current project. not really much point in announcing what the kit is yet since I’ve been working on a custom base for it since I finished Ignis and it’s still not done. Once the base is complete, I can get […]

MegaMan 9: now available for UK gamers! also, WIPEOUT!!!!

In a rather pleasant shock, Megaman 9 is now available for European gamers on the PSN!!!!! We also get Wipeout HD!!!!

Looks like Sony managed yet another worldwide simultaneous release (which makes their gaffes like no Soul calibur 4 custom parts that much more pathetic) for the blue bomber and so megaman 9 is now […]

Trinity (Plus 1)

Thought I would take this opportunity to get some of my backlog out of the way while I try and finish off this little thing I’m doing for my next painting project (a part of me wishes that I never started, but I can’t back down now…). There’s still me E2046 Asuka on bike and […]

How to lose fans and alienate users

Bit of a rant I’m afraid.

As many of the regulars are aware, I have an iphone 3G and I both love and hate the device. Love it because of it’s ease of use, great design and good apps… when they work!!!

The iPhone is rather notorious when it comes to the stablility of it’s […]

HLJ Sale!! What are you waiting for?

OK, so HLJ always has a mini sale on so they can get rid of old stock but it may actually be worth having a gander cos there are some pretty SWEET deals going on right now!!

Admiral Haruhi Demands that you go forth and destroy!!! (your wallets)

Personally, I be eyeing the PG […]

Mini Review: Infinite Undiscovery

OK, before I begin. A bit of a disclaimer. Although I own all 3 of the current Gen consoles, I am not a fan of the Xbox 360.

I dislike how the pad is a tad too large and how the face buttons are not as comfortable as other pads. Often it feels like the […]

Goodsmile Company, now in new english Flavour!

Bit of a late shout out but today has been rather busy for myself.

In case you are unaware, Danny Choo has announced a little project he has been working on with Goodsmile company (you know, the guys who make the Shuraki series, Nendoroids and a whole bunch of other stuff) and it’s a company […]