And Justice for All

This little bit of news was first broken by Subaruhess over at Dannychoo yesterday but I wanted to wait for a few more confirmations from other sites before posting (a sort of safety measure) but it’s 100% confirmed by several sites now!

Gents (and ladies), we’re getting a master grade infinite justice!!!!! Release is scheduled for October.

Well, I’m getting one, although I’m a little concerned about the paint job. Salmon pink isn’t the easiest colour to get right. and while we’re wooing over the Infinite Justice, I thought I’d post my Obligatory “WHERE’S MY MG V2 ASSAULT BUSTER GUNDAM!!??” (a Gundam double X is fine too)

4 comments to And Justice for All

  • Subaruhess

    I was looking through GA graphic just as they posted the info, I couldnt believe it at first then I remembered the message in the impulse PV. Shame about v2 but at least the seed trinity is complete?

  • gundamjehutykai

    Technically, it’s not a trinity. We still have Legend gundam (ugh) for the complete set. Or I guess the trinity could include Strike freedom, Infinite justice and Akatsuki… Either way, we’re still short 1.

    But yeah, I completely forgot about the message until I saw the news, Then it all came back!

  • Subaruhess

    I meant kira, shin & athrun, remember right at the end of the forth opening sequence. Thats what I meant by trinity not akatsuki or legend, they have decent 1/100’s so who cares?

  • gundamjehutykai

    Oh right, Yeah, I tried to forget all the characters in Destiny.

    Well, except for the Hawke sisters and probably Lacus… I wanted to throw the rest of the cast into a pool with ill tempered mutated Sea Bass!

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