Good morning, Strike Angels

Thought I would take a little break from figure making and go back to a quick spot of mecha building. And so, taking into account the fact that I am spending a little time in the boonies (Wales) along with the majority of my gundam collection, I thought I would take advantage of the fact […]

Project: KoG (Part 2)

Just a minor update this week to show that I haven’t forgotten about the other model kit I was working with (sort of) along side Ignis.

The main body is now complete with the major detailings done as well. The skirt which goes over the hips have also been done but have not been […]

Like A Bat out of Hell…

And so, 3 months after starting her, she’s now completed! Here’s Ignis from Cerberus Project!

It feels like forever since I last did a post like this, even though it’s almost exactly 3 months since I started work on her, a far cry from my longest time spent on a figure (a record held, […]

And Justice for All

This little bit of news was first broken by Subaruhess over at Dannychoo yesterday but I wanted to wait for a few more confirmations from other sites before posting (a sort of safety measure) but it’s 100% confirmed by several sites now!

Gents (and ladies), we’re getting a master grade infinite justice!!!!! Release is […]

Ich Bin Ein Freulein Lover

Borrowing a phrase from JFK this time to kick things off. I thought it would be good to get rid of some of the standard figure backlog before moving on to something more meaty.

This is not a sneaky way to hide the fact that I havent’t been working on Ignis recently. *whistles* She’s actually […]

WonderFestival Summer 08 (where are the good Resin kits?)

Well, the summer wonderfestival has come and gone and I’m having a hard time summing up how I feel about the various figures and kits I have seen on various blogs.

But I guess the closest would be “What a letdown!”

PVC figures aside, the show of resin kits was really poor this year, with […]

Return from the Wilderness

FINALLY!!! I have received my replacement hardware and I’ve got my PC back to around 90% of what it was. Still need to install a load of apps but I’m nearly there!!

Regular blogging should resume next week, so here’s the galaxy Fairy, Sheryl to keep your interests until then!

And while we’re on […]