Project: Ignis (Part 4)

A relatively minor update this week due to a variety of issues such as 1) me going through a state of mild melancholy, 2) hayfever is a bitch and makes it hard for me to focus 3) you guessed it, more MGS4!

Having said that, it’s still a milestone for the kit as there isn;t […]

Project: Ignis (Part 3)

Bit of a late post this week (blame MGS4. Just started playing it after buying it last weekend!)

Anyway, After the fun that was liquidstone fate, I went back to my main project of Ignis. Good thing too, because it wasn’t until recently that I was able to complete enough of her to make sure […]

Sonic Drive, Riot Zanber!

If you’ve come from, then you may have seen my post where I posted my purchases from WHF Final. One of them was of this;

Normally, I have a rather strict rule about finishing my current project before working on another. The only time I have worked on 2 projects concurrently was when […]

Mini Review: Endless Frontier Super robot Wars OG Saga

I finally had a chance to sit down and properly play the next game in the SRW series, although I say that with a pinch of salt since, as well as not being developed by banpresto, the game has almost no connection to any of the other SRW games aside from a few character names […]

Project: Ignis (part 2)

It’s been a while since I did a simple progress post, but I have been working steadily on my cerberus project Ignis so I thought an update would be good.

And so I came to realize that the 1 thing which I was fearing regarding this kit as a major obstacle was, in truth, rather […]

A Prelude…

Sometimes, it’s good to just geek out. Do something rather silly in anticipation of getting something few others will have. Like when a certain big name producer of a big name game for a well known console comes into town to do a signing.

The Game? Metal Gear Solid 4

The guy? Hideo Kojima!

So, […]