誕生日 おめてとう

Hurrah!!! Tis time to celebrate a very special Birthday!!! No, not mine. That was last week.

Today, this blog officially turns 1 year old!!! It was on the 29th last year when I started this blog and opened it with a post about my Bubba Haruhi and 52 weeks later, it’s still going after a […]

The 3rd level of hell…

So yesterday, I went along with a friend to the London Expo which was being held at the Excel Center in the docklands. I tend to avoid events like that as I don’t really have that much interest in the special events held and such but I thought I’d go to 1 for the experience […]

Gekigan… headbutt?

I think everyone who has seen the nadesico movie have the same opinion of it. (it was pretty poo) but there were some good points. Personally, I liked the Astromeras which was seen very close to the end at the “concert” but the main mecha was, without a doubt, the black Sarena. Piloted by everyones […]

Project: Ignis (part 1)

And so, what it my main project at the moment? This…

Ignis from Cerberus Project. You know? the one which Yamato has recently announced that they were going to make into a PVC kit?

Man, I still remember the hard time I had trying to find one of these babies after last years summer […]

Project: KoG (Part 1)

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while now (or could be bothered to look through the archives) will know that I have a resin kit of the Knight of Gold from the Five Star Stories. I’ve had it for quite a while now but never really got into building it […]

Yes, My lord!

Despite Code Geass R2 being inferior to Macross Frontier in pretty much every respect *dodges thrown projectiles* it did get me in the mood for a Geass related model. So I dug this one up and finished it off over the long weekend.

Presenting the “white death.” 7th Generation Knightmare frame, Lancelot!

I bought […]