Not my week… And a quick user guide to airbrushes.

My model building came to an abrupt halt yesterday when my airbrush broke. You heard right. It broke…

The nozzle which forces the air/paint mix snapped off as I was trying to unscrew it for cleaning, rendering it unusable.

I’ve already bought another one but it’ll take a few days to arrive so looks like […]

Goodnight Sweet Prince

I believe that a fair few visitors to this blog actually came from so you probably already know the news.

Danny Choo has decided to pull the plug on the page and move the community over to his main page.

While I must admit that I disagree with the decision, I do understand […]

Walk softly, And carry a big gun!!

Yay! She’s finished!! Another one to add to my completed list. I present Yoko, 21 years old!!!

This post may be a bit on the long side as the final part of the building section will also be included. For those interested, earlier posts can be reached here:

Part 1

Part 2


Sticking it to the man!!

I’m sure that the world is pretty well aquainted with the fact that Europe is pretty much considered the toilet of the video game world. We usually get things much later than everyone else, we get charged more than any other region and ports were, until recently, pretty damn shoddy.

You would have thought that […]

Fashionably late? or just missed the party?

Man, has it really been 2 months since I got this figure? Looks like her re-release has come and gone as well…

In any case, here is the first Shuraki Figure, Mishiro Akatsuki (and despite the name, I’m pretty sure that she can’t reflect beam attacks off her skin)

I’ll keep the review pretty […]

Things afoot in Japan!

Bit of a mixed couple of days. As noted on several blogs already, it seems that the last 6 minutes of the next installment of Code Geass was leaked to the public.

According to bandai, it was an error which occurred while they were testing out a part of their bandai channel streaming system. Luckily, […]

Project: Y (Antispiral version) Part 2

And now we return to what the blog was initially started for, MODEL KITS!!! It’s been several weeks since my last update on the progress of Yoko so if I didn’t have something to show for it, it would be safe to start worrying…

So she’s starting to take shape now. The jacket is […]

Big Fight: Code Geass vs Macross F!!

Finally got round to watching Code Geass R2 episode 1 last night and I must admit that I was severely underwhelmed. Everything was there, the animation quality was acceptable and safe but it really didn’t grab me as I watched it.

One of the reasons was possibly because it was pretty much a rehash […]

The Future is Now?

True to their word, Gonzo have released the first episode of their 2 shows, the tower of Druaga:The Aegis of Uruk and Blassreitter on several streaming video sites with english Subtitles. And Decent subs at that!!!

Having watched both, from first ep impressions Druaga would seem to be the better show. I was laughing […]

Anime Roundup (Spring 08)

Yay! I finally have internet again!! Actually, I had it at the later half of last week, but I needed time to prepare new posts and, as luck would have it, the winter season just finished so here are my personal rankings for last season and what I will most likely be watching for the […]