Would You make a deal with the Devil?

Lelouche did…

And a little devil she was to paint as well!!

This was probably the first time I was happy to paint the eyes on a kit before! Of course, the final assembly of the head caused a whole load of problems and I ended up having to redo the face and hair […]


This post should really have come a lot sooner, but dark forces (read: the mail service) conspired against me at every turn. Somehow, the mailman managed to lose both separately after failing to deliver them to my doorstep, since I was out! It took considerable patience, numerous trips to the depot, several complaints and a […]

Going on Hiatus

Sorry to all those who enjoy my blog but I’m going on a (forced) short hiatus starting at the end of the week.

I’m in the process of moving to a new flat so I will be without an internet connection until everything is sorted out. Naturally, without internet I can’t really continue to post […]

More Like a breeze than a storm.

Winter Wonderfestival is now done and dusted with many blogs giving us teases as to what we are missing.

Personally, I have found from the past 2 years I have been following the event, that the winter wonfest is generally more geared towards the corporate side of things so there is more focus on PVC […]

Triggerheart Exelica!!

The release of Triggerheart Exelica on Xbox Live has now been set for tomorrow!!! YAY!!!

It was initially announced last year alongside many of the other shmups, But, for myself, I say you cam keep your Omega five (which was sorely lacking IMO), your Ikarugas and even your Rez. For me , Exelica is […]

Project: C.C ver 1 (part 3)

The end is near!!! And while it would be a lie to say that I hated painting this kit, It’s not an experience I am in any rush to repeat (says the person who also bought the YoikoQ C.C figure at the summer wonderfestival)

Ignoring the rather morbid premise of a pic of a […]

WonderFestival Winter 08!!!!

Winter WonFest is next week and Heisei Democracy has posted up some of the early pickings which will be up for grabs at the event!! a few interesting kits including the Vispo Yoko which I posted about a while back!

Gone off the completed version a little. More pics can be found here. Is […]

Twin Bird Strike!!!

On another break from working on C.C (I’m now on the part I dislike most, the eyes! Although, at this point, I’ll take anything over having to spray the body white again) and I have managed to finish the brother unit of WildFalken. This is WildWurger!!

Wildwurger is a mecha which is geared towards […]

Project: C.C ver 1 (part 2)

Man, this was a mission!!!

After several weeks of painting, more painting and several mishaps I’ve managed to get the bulk of the project done!

Amazingly, for weeks of work, not that much seems to have been done. Don’t be fooled!! This monster is far more trouble than it appears!!

Many thanks go to […]

Tommy Lee Jones discovers Akiba, cosplayers and moe

Discovered this while surfing Kotaku earlier. It’s part of a series of ads starring Tommy Lee Jones playing “alien Jones” as he discovers life in Japan. It’s part of a series of ads which were used to promote Suntory Boss canned coffee.

In this ad, he lands slap bang in the middle of Akiba and […]